Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Smoking Cessation Journal

            I was a part of Marilyn Roman’s audience during her lecture about smoking and what people are doing about the habit. My role was listening to the lecture and ask questions if I had any. She taught about the different ways that tobacco is consumed including cigars, hookahs, smokeless tobacco, cigarettes and others. Not only did the experience expand my knowledge of the subject, but it also taught me how to deliver an excellent presentation, a skill that may be useful in the future. She was insistent that cessation of smoking would lead to an overall improved health of the population.

            I learned a lot from the activities I that I undertook and listening to Marilyn as she delivered the lectures. For example, I realized that tobacco is ingested in many forms, the most common one being through smoking cigarettes. Furthermore, I learned that cigarettes contain over 7000 chemicals and most of them are toxic. She helped me to comprehend the effect of tobacco on the saliva and lungs of the smoker. The former changes color from clear to reddish, while the latter becomes darkened and deformed as a result of exposure to smoke particles (Edelson 16). I was surprised when I realize that about half of the people in the state of Florida smoke and that the habit is the greatest cause of death in the United States.

            This experience made me realize that I love communicating with people about healthy habits. I also realized that smoking is a bigger threat to public health than I thought before the lecture. I intend to use this experience to sensitize my friends concerning the issue and if possible begin giving lectures regarding the same, just like Marilyn in the future. The activity I was involved in help in meeting the goals of Healthy People 2020. The goals include reducing the number of adults who smoke adolescents who are addicted to the drug and proportion of children aged 3 to 11 that are exposed to second-hand smoke (Edelson 17).

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