Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership

Health care providers need nursing leaders to oversee activities and staff members. Organizations continue to face more challenges due to a mass influx of fresh talents and exodus of retiring nurses (Maxwell, 2017).  Work-related problems require leaders who are exceptional in leading the rest while assisting the juniors to develop and implement viable and sustainable solutions. The best nursing leader I have ever known was working in the Emergency Department (ED) in a Public Hospital. EDs require a lot of coordination, dedication, and hard work. Managing other staff members in the department demands some leadership skills. 

One of the most outstanding leadership traits that I admired in this particular nursing leader was the ability to inspire his staff and keep them motivated. As Asrar-ul-Haq and Kuchinke (2016) opine, Learning and leadership are inseparable. What I learned from this nursing leader, whom I consider a role model, is that a good nurse leader should be someone who can inspire others to work together in pursuit of common goals (Maxwell, 2017). In the ED, the goal is to offer enhanced patient care. To effectively lead and inspire others, this nursing leader put together a couple of admirable personal qualities.  For instance, he was able to portray high levels of integrity, respect, courage, dedication to excellence, mentorship, and emotional intelligence.

Working with this leader greatly motivated me, always yearning to learn more from him. I would feel free to interact with him, asking questions, and seeking guidance on different aspects. There was increased trust in this leader as a result of his leadership style. The leadership adopted by this nursing leader will have a positive influence on my future leadership traits. For instance, I endeavor to develop a charismatic and transformation leadership style that inspires my followers.


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