Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Nurse’s Role

            Child safety is very vital to the family and community at large. Young parents may lack the knowledge of safety hazards and they need help in learning ways to childproof their home. However, nurses can aid parents learn what behavior they should expect and how to manage child’s behavioral issues. This paper discusses different roles offered to toddler’s parents by nurses.

            During this stage, toilet training is needed and nurses can help parent’s toilet train children with realistic hopes and diminished stress. Although toddlers are not in a position to reason and may take things literally sometimes, they have the ability to understand. Therefore, nurse’s approach to toddler must be calm, warm and matter of fact (Kelo, Marjatta, Marja and Elina 73).

            Nurses are responsible for healthy teaching for an infant and toddler, which is directed to the parent. For this role to be done effectively it’s advisable for a nurse to develop a relationship with the child and family. They play a key role in creating and sustaining commitment to communicating effectively about vaccines and maintaining high vaccination rates (Kelo, Marjatta, Marja and Elina 71-72). They teach parents the importance of vaccination and make them comprehend the consequences of not vaccinating their children, also, they support parents in understanding and choosing vaccination and type of food they should give their infants (Kelo, Marjatta, Marja and Elina 71-72).

Nurses also have a role to play in teaching the parents on how to create a safe environment for their children. Since, children at this age are very active and it’s important for the parents to think carefully about specific safety at home. However, kitchen is the most hazardous due to presence of hot, electrical, sharp objects and toxic substances (Kelo, Marjatta, Marja and Elina 73). Therefore, children should not be left alone in the kitchen for the sake of their safety. Nurses help children to express their fears and deal with them openly. Parents must comprehend the importance and the role of play, beginning school adjustment, handling sexual curiosity and handling eating and sleeping problem (Kelo, Marjatta, Marja and Elina 73).

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