Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Methodology


The methodology can be defined as a philosophical framework in which the study is conducted. The methodology is used to explain how was the research conducted, who were the participants of the study, also how and what was the data collected. The methodology used in the article that answers the question of the efficacy of aerosol measles vaccination exposure is the experimental research methodology. The research was conducted in the laboratory to determine how effective is the aerosol measles vaccination to nine-month-old infants since it is effective to twelve-month-old infants. It was done to determine if more prolonged exposure of 9-month infants would improve immunological response. The research was conduct on the 9-month-old infant. The participants of the study were 9-month infants who were used to conduct the experiment. The researcher used 150 children to carry out the experiment out of which some were given aerosol vaccination at exposure while others took vaccination by subcutaneous and then made the comparison between the two types. Data collection method was done through individual blood samples and testing to determine antigen response.

The author used experimental research methodology in the article because it provides better results; during the experiment, the researcher was able to control the setups and also control the conditions that were needed during the experiment. During the study, the researcher was able to look into independent variables so that unwanted variables were removed to provide better results (White & Sabarwal, 2014). The researcher also used the methodology since it is straightforward; it is a basic form of research that allows for its duplication when others use the same variables. It gives anyone a chance to verify the result published by the researcher since the exact step followed can produce the exact results published.


White, H., & Sabarwal, S. (2014). Quasi-experimental design and methods. Methodological Briefs: Impact Evaluation8, 1-16.