Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Learning theories application in nursing education

Learning theories application in nursing education

Research has established that educational systems planning in clinical requires learning theories to help enforce knowledge to the learners.  This is because theories bring on board general principles that will ensure that learners use their knowledge more appropriately. Constructivism learning theory by Jean Piaget and John Dewey best fits and is relevant in my current setting as it has been opined that it allows students to construct knowledge through the interaction of their experiences and ideas (Fatemeh et al, 2015).  When in a learning session, there is the possibility of students being involved in constructing or building on new ideas based on past and current experiences. Grounded on my opinion, this theory of learning would best prepare the students to effectively solve future complex and ambiguous problems in the nursing practice. For example, students who have experienced or come across patients with cardiac arrest problems can easily re-construct such knowledge and even share with the peers.

This theory of learning appeals as it actively and positively engage students, they are able to participate constructively in groups discussions by placing them on different perspectives when evaluating them. For instance, it will be appropriate in group discussions, an important element of learning where one person would be selected to assume the role of a group leader. The group leader through this theory would help to shape and strengthen cooperation between the members through constructive participation of knowledge sharing. This theory helps in enhancing debriefing in learning where learners are expected to perform cognitive reconstruction of events they have experienced and performed in the past or in discussion teams to ensure sharing of knowledge. This will be beneficial to the students as they will easily remember nursing concepts learnt.


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