Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Humanbecoming Nursing Theory

Humanbecoming Nursing Theory

            Humanbecoming is a nursing theory that guides nurses in their practice. Essentially, the concept emphasizes the human quality of life. Martha E. Rogers’s theory of Unitary Human Beings views the nursing practice as an art as well as a science. It also regards the profession as a unique practice just as science is (Nursing Theory, 2016). Rogers urges that, nursing should focus on people as well as the environment because the type of environment an individual is in contributes to their wellness. Openness, resonance, and helicy are among the main concepts of nursing that Rogers emphasizes on. Additionally, she believes that human beings can take part in their transformation process.

            Rosemarie Rizzo Parses theory of human becoming directs the nursing practice to emphasize the quality of life as it is described and lived (Smith & Parker, 2015). Parses’ nursing approach focuses on three assumptions, and these include meaning, transcendence, and rhythmicity. Furthermore, it views the human being as inseparable from the environment and that the surrounding contributes to human evolvement. According to Parse, health is a process and individuals should work hard to ensure that they are healthy. The nursing theory of humanbecoming integrates concepts such as imaging, powering, enabling-limiting, valuing, transforming, and originating (Mitchell& Bournes, 2017).

The way a registered nurse applies the theory of humanbecoming is different from how an advanced nurse applies it due to differences in the level of professionalism as well as different nursing duties. For example, registered nurses can apply the humanbecoming theory in their practices by guiding and counseling the patients on the importance of their health and ensuring that everything they do does not affect their health. On the other hand, an advanced nurse can make decisions on behalf of patients concerning their health and what they need to focus on as well as suggest treatments and courses of actions to the patients. The theory of humanbecoming focuses on the wellness of all people hence the quality of life.


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