Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Evaluation of Nursing Credentials

Evaluation of Nursing Credentials

In this modern age, nurses require various capabilities and credentials to enable them to fit well into the ever-changing health care sector. Since nurses play a key role in the health continuum, there are programs that are tailored to ensure that nurses adhere to their duty by practicing the highest standard. On that account, the following paper will make comparisons between the GCU Mission and Domains/CON Mission and the Program Competencies with the AACN’s Essentials for Master’s Education for Advanced Practice Nursing.

Fundamentals for Master’s qualification for Advanced Practice Nursing focus on instilling a package of crucial thinking knowledge as well as effective communications. These skills are furnished in a manner that is practice-centered. The objective is that professionals develop outstanding skills and insight into professional tasks, and those that place emphasis on theory or research aimed towards the goal of developing scholars or the creation of novel knowledge (American Association of Colleges in Nursing, 2011). The GCU and AACN both recognize a key value for a nurse who has gone through a master’s course to be skilled, a critical thinker who can communicate effectively, competitive, and can practice transcultural nursing to deliver excellent and ethical care to the community. A nurse who has masters qualification applies the use of evidence-based practice reinforced with critical thinking and evidence to facilitate the highest quality of care for the society (GCU, 2015). It means that these programs enable nurses to play a key role in healthcare sector by engaging in meaningful research.

Overall, both the GCU and AACN enables nurses to become excellent professionals. They enable professionals to practice and adhere to the highest standards through evidence-based research. It means that they are key in developing a more robust nursing sector.


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