Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Epidemiological Studies in My Community

Epidemiological Studies in My Community

            According to the latest statistics reported in 2017, infant mortality rate of Miami-Dade County was 5.1 deaths per 1,000 live births. This compared to state’s rate which stood at 6.1 within the same period of reporting. Compared to other counties within the state, Miami-Dade County’s infant mortality rate fell within the 50 percent best counties as it has a rate lower than 6.5 percent which is the benchmark for gauging the severity of the health issue. Other counties have rates higher than 6.5. Variation also occurs in terms of ethnicity with African Americans recording an infant mortality rate of 11.5 percent, 4.3 percent for Hispanics and 3.5 percent for non-Hispanic whites. Socioeconomic stratification of the data showed that maternal age and education also had an indirect correlation with infant mortality (Miami Matters, 2019; Zhang & Thomas, 2016; Hernandez, 2017). The data on infant mortality was retrieved from a wide variety of online sources including Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County and Miami Matters; a Health Council of South Florida website.

            Over the past five years, several epidemiological studies have been performed in my community. They are primarily cause-effect studies focused on highlighting the correlation between infant mortality rates and other factors such as low birth weight. These studies were descriptive and analytical. Researchers collected data and triangulated information and data from different sources with the view of describing and analyzes the relationship between infant mortality and other variables. The studies established a positive correlation between infant mortality and low weight birth and race among other variables studied.

            Florida Department of Health is actively involved in conducting epidemiological studies in in my community. Through a group of experts attached to its various departments and divisions, the organization spearheads the studies as the entity tasked with overseeing provision of healthcare services in Miami-Dade County and the state at large (Hernandez, 2017).


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