Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Donald Trump 2016 Presidential Candidate

Donald Trump 2016 Presidential Candidate

Healthcare is a defining issue in many elections and campaigns, and they have continued to play a major role in American politics especially after the passage of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. In 2014, only 36% of the Democratic candidates mentioned that they support the Affordable Care Act, and the numbers seem to be reducing. Potential candidates for the American presidency have to scrutinize thoroughly their stand on the direction healthcare needs to take in the Usman Donald Trump has been largely vocal on what issues he needs to be addressed as regards to health care.

Donald Trump on September 2015 suggested that he supported a universal health care that can take care of everybody better than they currently are. If successfully elected, Donald Trump proposes a healthcare plan that returns authority to the states that can operate under free market principles (Presidential Elections:The Road to White House 1). The plan provides buyers with a choice and an individual tax relief for health insurance and keeps plans affordable and portable. Donald Trump’s plan will supposedly break the monopoly of insurance companies and allow them to buy across state lines. Donald Trump is totally against Obamacare and states that it is a total catastrophe. He states that if the plan is implemented in 2016 it will be a total disaster as most people are already closing shop due to the complications the system provides.

It is imperative to consider the issues Donald Trump has with the Obamacare initiative since considerations need to be made on the prospect of health care within the U.S. trump brings an important initiative in healthcare hat should be considered significant for the optimal functioning of healthcare initiatives, and that is competition. A universal healthcare that is modelled after Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and offers Americans a range of choices is the best course to take (Presidential Elections: The Road to White House 1).

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