Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Concept in Leadership Course, Nursing

Leadership in Nursing

Leadership in nursing practice is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. It includes management functions that revolve round training, regulating and decision-making. Combining the above practicum not only guarantees of better patient outcomes but also ensures personal, social and professional development of the nurse within the hospices (Démeh, 2015). For this course, I found leadership motivation to be the most interesting part. Though there are other topics I found interesting, this one stood out as the most interesting. On the other hand, the least interesting topic in this course was how politics influences leadership in nursing. This is because of lack of interest in politics due to its linear poise and lack of an empirical inclination.

There are quite a number of reasons as to why I found motivation and leadership interesting. Primarily, the motivation and leadership insists on the foundations of proper institutional and or organizational communication. It gives headway in the manner to communicate with others appropriately and also instills a sense of teamwork. Furthermore, it addressed the issue of dealing with inconsistencies at the health facility (Cziraki, 2018). These concepts assist an individual to understand the employees in a health facility and what factors motivate them to achieve more. Additionally, it addressed issues pertaining to resolution of conflict, particularly during practice. Notably was the scenario when the nurse is needed to break news of death to the patient’s family. That bit elicited quite some emotion in me.

Besides, this concept could be of great assistance in the nurses’ daily life. Through learning the course I have a better appreciation of others through communication. I also appreciate factors that inspire harmony at the workplace. The work place will often be cosmopolitan encompassing individuals with dissimilar cultural, economic, religious and economic backgrounds. Therefore by applying knowledge acquired from this course I will be able to co-exist and motivate colleagues to achieve better health outcomes.


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