Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Community Health Nursing

Question 1

Community [A1] health  nurses are tasked with different responsibilities, including acting as clinicians, educators, advocates, managers, collaborators, leaders, and researchers. As researchers, they are responsible for investigating and collecting information that ranges from simple to complex inquiries. As educators, community nurses  are required to promote client learning in different ways, such as supporting self-care concepts, health promotion techniques, and methods of preventing illnesses (“Roles and Responsibilities”). These roles may overlap in some occasions, especially in finding health solutions, collecting data used to educate the society, and advocating for techniques that can help in building a healthy population.

Question 2

Community nurses consultant and educative roles are similar in several aspects, including providing adequate leadership, supporting the community, and connecting relevant authorities of the society to help reduce prevailing risks and promote healthy living. On the other hand, there roles differ from each other. Specifically, while a community nursing consultant primarily aids in supporting and connecting the nursing practice with the modern methods that help in promoting healthy living, their role as educators primarily focuses on interacting with the community as well as teaching the society on self-care methods, tools for promoting health[A2] , as well as measures for preventing diseases.

Question 4

As advocates in the community, community health nurses help in fighting for patients’ rights, conserving their personal interests, protecting their autonomy, as well as championing for social justice. As managers in the society, these health care workers assist in monitoring ailing individuals care, supervising other health professionals, running local clinics, and aiding in the community health assessment. Lastly, as counselors, nurses help to promote collaboration with their colleagues and other medical specialists such as physical therapists, nutritionists, and physicians.  

Work Cited

 “Roles and Responsibilities of a Community Health Nurse.” Duquesne University School of Nursing, 18 July 2018, Accessed 17 January 2018.

 [A1]each answer should be 50-100 words

 [A2]you repeat the same