Sample Nursing Courseworks Paper on Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland

Association of Nurse Practitioner: Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland


Every nurse in this world wants to be associated with an Organisation so that his or her interests are looked at. A nurse also requires an organisation or platform in which his profession can grow. It is through the need to join a nursing organisation that I embarked on researching about the various nursing organisations in the world. As I was doing my research in the website of The Maryland State Council, I came across ‘Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland’. The activities that this association engaged itself in were really eye-catching to me as they described the kind of nurse that I want to be. In this paper, I seek to discuss about this prestigious organisation, its policies and goals, Privileges of being a member and requirements for joining the organisation among others.

About NPAM

The American association of Nursing defines nursing as the promotion, protection and optimization of abilities and health, prevention of injuries and illness, diagnosis followed by the treatment of human body responses, and the advocacy in the taking care of families, communities, individuals and populations. Basically, that’s what any nursing organisation strives to do in bid to support the society on issues regarding health.

To understand the activities of the NPAM, one has to first go through the association’s mission statement. By understanding about the mission of this association, it becomes easier for one to also understand the goals and activities of the organisation.

The mission of the NPAM is to haveregulatory foundation with sound policies that will enable the nurse practitioners to provide an accessible and the best healthcare to the public. NPAM specifically works to:

  • Educate health officials and the general public on the activities of a nurse practitioner
  • Provide continuous education for the nurse practitioners
  • Ensure that they provide health care at the highest standards possible.
  • Speak out the interests of the nurse practitioners to state and the federal government.
  • Give out information regarding issues related to nurse practitioners.

A member of the NPAM is an advanced registered nurse who offers health care to ailing individuals. Nursing Practitioners also uphold similar ethical and legal standards as physicians. A Nurse practitioner is committed to provide quality, personalized healthcare to all patients. They are dedicated to bridging any sorts of gaps in medical care to meet the many needs of patients in the state of Maryland.

In a nutshell, the nurse practitioner is a person who:

  • Provides physical and history examinations to patients
  • Diagnoses and provided treatment to patients
  • Interprets laboratory tests
  • Offers counselling services to persons, families and groups
  • Administers immunization

For a nurse to be registered in the NPAM, he or she is expected to be a master’s graduate or have completed post-masters certification in nursing practice.

I believe by being a member of the NPAM, one gains personal success and at the same time you will make the world a better place to live in. The society will have better medical care. Most specifically, when one becomes a member of the NPAM, he or she is eligible to premiums that are way lower than those of other members of the public to a variety of services and goods. Every nurse should work towards trying to be a member of this esteemed organisation to have the best nursing experience ever.


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