Sample Nursing Coursework Paper on Scope and Standards of Practice


Part One

Question 1

A good number of nurses would be of the opinion that the media’s treatment of the profession fall short of reasonable and exact depiction. In as much as there are some serious reality portrayal about the nature and challenges nurses go through, the percentage is relatively minimal. The entertainment media, for instance, the Hollywood depicts nurse as troubled and low-trained occupation that is boring. Prevailing images in the media are stereotyping the nursing profession popularly on the television where nurses are portrayed as submissive to doctors and physicians who perform the most crucial task (Sandy &Harry, 2014). Initially, nursing portrayal in the media depicted them as angelic, low skilled and subordinate or physicians right people.

A god example is the television drama ER. According to the study carried out by 2000 focus group of 1800 United States children by JWT communication, students obtained their first notion of nursing occupation from the television drama. The analysis respondents regarded nursing as a profession for girls and not commendable of private school student.

Transformation to educate the public on the role and scope of nursing as well as the changing health care system is important in society today .Healthcare system revolution calls for an overhaul rethinking of roles nurses and other medical practitioners play. Barriers that inhibit nurses to take part in meaningful change should be aborted through media enlightenment, new law’s enactment, and campaigns by health bodies to experience swift transformation.

Question 2

            The nursing line of work is ever evolving. According to The American Nurses Associate, thinking about the scope of practice is entailed in asking the questions “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “why,” and “how” of nursing practice (American Nurses Associate, 2010). A reflection must be prearranged to the rules that govern the nursing practice act in accordance to the specific place a nurse is executing her/his duties. Additionally, the guidelines and formula of the specific place the nurse is operating from, society values of the professional organization must be clear. In Texas for instance, the Board of Nursing has developed a strategy which aid the nurses in making strength of mind of the activity which falls under the six step decision making model. The model questions include if the action is under the nursing performance act, is the action certified by a legitimate body or if the practice is supported by a permitted healthcare research. To add on that, the question sort to find out if the nurse performing the action is competent. The nurse ability to take responsibility for safe healthcare and his cautiousness to complete the task are other provision questions included in the model.

Part Two

Question 1

Nurses experience horrible situations when they commit errors. Every person makes mistakes but the way media handles nursing mistakes is wanting. It is imminent that nurses are victimized to a larger extend by the media when one nurse performs a mistake. They become the second victims in the situation. The nurses’ efforts day and night to save lives and offer solace to the ailing community should not be undermined because of an error committed by one nurse. Sometimes the errors are as a result of systems.

Question 2

Media depiction of nurses has been negatively portrayed. In several instances, there are no accurate depictions of nurses who do most of the work for ailing patients in health facilities. The media portrayal has established that nurses are the yes people of doctors who only do what the doctors command. Media and other relevant enlightenment bodies should ensure that people understand the difference between medicine and nursing. Nursing goes beyond medicine to a far extend. Doctors are given more credit in most media depiction in hospital setting yet the nurses spend most of the time with patients. A doctor only stays with a patient for few moments. I would advocate for accurate nursing depiction in the media to show that nurses are the most important people in healthcare system who do massive work to ensure patients are well treated and taken care of.

Question 3

Nursing is a profession that is very sensitive in nature. Nurses go beyond their life limits to ensure that lives are saved and patients are encouragement. Elaborate training skills are required for all nurses in order to perform their functions effectively. Nurses should take their training with all concentration. Their practices should be within their expertise that goes along with established codes of conduct. This will attract decency and recognition both to an individual nurse and the community at large.


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