Sample Nursing Coursework Paper on History of Nursing

History of Nursing

Discussion 1

Kristina Miller

It is true that through reviewing the media piece, one gets a grasp of the struggles that have embedded the profession. The lack of understanding and research material is what led pioneers like Florence Nightingale to start and advance nursing education. Building a knowledge base on which to base education for nurses is as important as the education exercise itself. In the Crimean war, for example, poor hand hygiene and malnutrition occasioned more deaths than the injuries sustained in the battlefield. Without proper research on such factors that lead to better results for patients, conducting training for nurses would be useless as it would yield poor results. It is, however, true that advanced edification for persons is incredibly valuable. There should be strict regulations governing nursing education to ensure that only competent individuals enter the nursing profession. Without this, the patients get substandard care that affects their outcome. All of these regulations and measures cannot, however, assure that patients are afforded the best care since the nurses may be qualified but still carry out substandard care. How then, can caregivers assure that the best care is given to patients?

Brenda Jones

Brenda focuses on the trends that have led to better direct patient care being offered, especially to the neglected masses. Nursing encompasses caring for all that need care without prejudice. However, even in the nursing profession there is a tendency to favor some patient groups over others. Mentally ill patients and the poor in society have suffered the brunt of such bias. Resource apportionment to research and provision of amenities to these two groups tends to be uneven. While it is clear that more focus needs to be given to these groups, authorities do not do so, mostly on socio-political grounds. The media piece thus shows the lengths that individuals have gone to ensure that care is given to all that need it without bias. These individuals prompt us to develop means in which the marginalized in society can be afforded the best care.

Sylvicise Caneus

The focus is on the evolution of nursing and the resilience of those who, despite circumstance not favoring them, still took up the calling of nursing. To be a nurse, one needs a tender and caring heart. This has been the practice over the years but in today’s society, nursing is becoming monetized. Many nurses today only care about the monetary gain they derive from their jobs rather than the care they offer to patients. Nurses like Nightingale, Seacole, and Barto exemplify devotion to one’s work, something that all nurses should strive to do. They offer a foundation on which to base the ideals of nursing.

Discussion 2


The concept of a person is that nursing is geared towards people. Caneus classifies Family, Communities, and Individuals under the definition of a person. According to ANA, nursing entails the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities towards individuals, families, communities, and populations. The concept of environment is focused on providing a conducive atmosphere for the patient to heal. The definition, however, also looks at the environment as the contributing factor to the illnesses. It thus not only entails the after-care of patients but also how illnesses can be prevented through various environmental conservation measures. Health involves meeting the mental, social, cultural, and spiritual needs of the person. It involves focusing on the holistic person rather than the disease itself. The last concept is that of nursing. Caneus focuses more on the role of the nurse than on the concept of nursing. Nursing encompasses more than caring for the patient. As per the ANA definition, the main role of nurses is to promote good health. This thus involves educating the masses on good health practices, carrying out research on how to advance the practice, and ensuring that one is competent enough to provide good care.

Stacey Fifield

Person: The nurse provides holistic wellness to each patient and provides spiritual and social needs. The mental and cultural needs should also be included in this definition. The education and promotion of skills to the patients fall under the concept of nursing while that of delivering care within a positive atmosphere is enveloped in the environment.

Environment: It is true that the environment includes the surroundings that affect the person. This entails the socio-economic status, the geographical location in which the patient resides.

Health: Stacey opines that the health concept encompasses providing resources to the patient. As per the ANA definition, however, health entails the prevention of illness, injury, and suffering.

Nursing: I concur that nursing describes how care is delivered to patients and families. It includes educating, advocating, and communication of good health practices with communities and families within a multidisciplinary system.

Cathy Winchester

Cathy describes nursing as giving the best care, preventing illness or injury, and alleviating suffering. This definition, however, does not address the concepts of the person, the environment, and health. As such, the definition fails to address how these three concepts are enveloped in the ANA definition of nursing. What essentially are health, the environment, and the concept of the person?