Sample Nursing Coursework Paper on Evidence for Effective Leadership and Management

            My typical response to change is usually based on acquiring information about any new concepts introduced to the nursing profession, researching it, and conducting evidence-based analysis to determine its reliability. An example is the case of the electronic health records system. After its introduction, my response was to conduct an evidence-based analysis to determine whether it had been successfully applied in other healthcare facilities. My response to change relates to the logical processor, who is methodological that focuses on details and functions well where assignments are clear and with specific expectations (Kalisch and Begeny 159).  I am usually reluctant to respond to change in cases where I do not have evidence that supports its successful implementation.

            I think I need to improve how I respond to change. A downside related to my thought process approach is that I am not easily deterred. This affects my ability to accept new changes. I can improve this by adopting a more relational and innovative style of thinking, which considers alternative approaches to problem-solving (Kalisch and Begeny 159). Aside from that, I need to acquire more skills that would complement my nursing career such as specialization or information technology. These would prepare me for the changes in the healthcare field. I could also rely on a mentor to gain additional skill in nursing.

            To help students better understand and respond to change, some of the recommendations that I would give to my nursing program include providing them with additional skills that would ease their adaptability to technological advances. Aside from that, the nursing program should encourage nursing students to get involved in life-long learning through baccalaureate studies and get involved in specialization such as renal nursing (Salmond and Echevarria). By helping them understand the importance of changing practices in healthcare, nursing students might be more willing to respond to these changes.

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