Sample Nursing Coursework Paper on End of Nursing Research Course Reflection

End of Nursing Research Course Reflection

            Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a common strategy used by healthcare professionals in clinical settings to manage patients based on the best evidence obtained from research. The use of evidence based in nursing has contributed to improved patient outcomes. The use of EBP involves the combination of the data from peer-reviewed articles that aligns with population of interest in a clinical setting. EBP ensures that nurse utilize the safe and appropriate interventions that promote the quality of care offered in clinical settings.

            This course has been influential in my understanding of the role of evidence from research in clinical practice. Through the activities and lessons learned, I have noted the improve differences in using EBP to care for patients. Personally, the course has improved my research and application skills. By going through different types of research studies such as randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and meta-analyses, I have learned how to identify useful data from these articles. Professionally, this class has improved my view and use of EBP in caring for patients. It has also improved my interpersonal communication skills and need to address every aspect of a patient’s health.

            I expected to learn research skills and their application in nursing. The course met my expectations by exposing me to different types of research methods used in nursing studies, appropriate data collection and analysis approaches, and the use of evidence from primary sources such as RTCs in clinical decision-making. After going through this class, I will take away the processes used in conducting EBP research that includes identification of population of interests, interventions and their comparison, keywords consideration in conducting database searches, and the importance of using current research as evidence. These skills will assist me in any group or EBP projects that I will conduct in future. I feel like the course has strengthened my skills in EBP research paper analysis, writing, and presentation. This improvement is based on the exposure offered by the different assignment conducted in class and the application of these lessons in clinical practice.