Sample Nursing Case Studies Essay Paper on Contraception for Adolescents

Contraception for Adolescents


The APN’s role to this case is to provide guidance through counseling to Jocelyn taking into consideration that nurses in practice have a limitation when it comes to role play in particular treatments. By providing thoughtful consideration of respect to autonomy, professional gaining and social welfare nurses are able to provide dependable care (McCrink, 2010).


The adolescent stage makes individuals feel completely different from other individuals by developing a strong feeling of invulnerability which makes them have a feeling of immunity from whatever ailment that they may be suffering from (ANA, 2010). Providing emotional responses and ethical dilemmas to patients also puts them into proper perspective. It is with this regard that informing the parents will enable Jocelyn heal observe her intake of contraceptives.

The belief that parents should be responsible for contraception may indicate the adolescent’s self-identity as a child, requiring her parents to take responsibility for aspects of health care. This creates tension between her biology, as a sexually mature, fertile woman, and her stage of development, as socially dependent upon her parents. The need for parents to take control of this aspect of their children’s health care may run counter to the societal expectation that parents will discourage adolescent sexuality, and that fertility control is the responsibility of the individual.


The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) Ethics Workgroup has developed a framework for addressing clinical (and administrative) ethical issues (Ulrich, Taylor, Soeken, O’Donnell, Farrar, Danis & Grady, 2010). It is a high opportunity for her to understand that her health is more important than anything thus neither her consent nor anything else will make her better other than heading to the direction of the nurse practitioners. 


The best contraceptive for Jocelyn is the pregnancy control contraceptive since she has no plans to start a family. Going as per increased indulgence in sexual activities, preventing pregnancy is a priority. Pills and condom use will be reliable and these additional methods may have prevented earlier unwanted pregnancies (Foster, Jackson, Cosby, Weitz, Darney & Drey, 2008).


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