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The article by Haycock et al focuses its attention on changing certain operative management measures with an aim of decreasing the occurrences of sternal wound infections. On the other hand, the article by Sand et al focuses its attention on introducing a new method by which the rates of influenza immunizations can be improved among medical staffs. The methods used in developing, researching and implementing the two projects were evidence-based meaning that they relied heavily on approved practices. For the first article, previous studies and practices were evaluated deeply and the same was replicated in the second article. In terms of applying this knowledge, I would conduct an intensive literature review and evaluate the various evidence-based practices in nursing before creating my nursing change project. Then I would apply the knowledge I would obtain from literature and current nursing practices in my change project (Haycock et al., 2005).

The most notable idea that I have about evidence-based practice projects is that they are based on practices that have been evaluated over a period and approved to be efficient in nursing. This means that these projects build on what is already known as they advance to introduce new ideas. In terms of barriers, it is likely that some people might oppose such a project because they might not want to change from what they are accustomed to. It is also possible that the project may be opposed on the basis of its practicality. This means that a project can be opposed for lack of resources to implement it or for difficulties involved in executing it. In terms of the things that might be helpful to me as I execute a change project, I would require support from key stakeholders, regular communication and accessibility to the resources that I might require for the project (Sand et al., 2007).


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