Sample Music Paper on Hello by Adele

Hello by Adele

In many respects, the song Hello by Adele is poetic. Throughout the song lyrics, it employs poetic and figurative language. It also has a deeper meaning than most people would imagine it would have if the lyrics were decoded carefully. In addition to how the song lyrics were well written by Adele, this paper seeks to offer a focused interpretation of Hello through analysis of key elements such as symbols, metaphors, rhyme scheme, stanzaic organization, diction, point of view, and repetition.

In her single Hello, Adele uses a whole bunch of figurative and poetic terms. Symbols are one of the more popular ones she used. In the song itself, she used a lot of dialogue that would usually have been seen as a conversation between two individuals, but her use of “you” words (diction) was just a sign of her former self. To get an idea of the situation she was in, she even uses imagery in the song.

In the opening stanza, she starts with “Hello, it’s me.” She is presenting an individual from her past to herself. Pay heed, though she doesn’t have to, to how Adele doesn’t reveal herself. The person Adele is calling recognizes her. This is a standard opening dialog of a telephone call with a couple, except they’re breaking up now.

They have been apart for years, but Adele doesn’t seem like she is ever moving on. Time heals all is a very lovely quote, but it does not extend to everybody, is the saddest part.” And time still has not helped Adele. She seeks to reconcile. She needs her timeline to go back and see where things went wrong. Yet she knows, and we find out later.

From the other end of the line, no answer is given because she is not on the call with anybody. This is Adele’s heart pouring out. Adele has a dialogue with herself and reviews incidents that she has regretted for years.

Adele is a million miles away from him in California. Ironically, from another point on Earth, there is no point on Earth a million miles away. All we know is that he can be right next door to Adele and still feel a million miles away because she’s dreaming about how much he’s in her heart right now. As “there is such a difference between us,” the real explanation for their fallout is stated (Fuziah, 2017). There is often a distance between two people. More or less, relationships are about getting through these gaps.

She continues, “I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet / to go over everything.” She wants to find closure and talk about how things went wrong, and where they are now, with an ex-lover. While “[t]hey say that time’s supposed to heal ya,” Adele hasn’t “done much healing,” and to have things in the open, she would like to push the healing process along (Ford, 2017). She proceeds to plead for her to respond to the other man. She sings, “Hello, can you hear me?” and explains that she’s still “dreaming about who we used to be.” It creates an image of a bright day of contemplation and time for one’s own self. She doesn’t usually dream of her relationship throughout the day, but at least thinks back to past times that she lacks because “they were younger and free.”

Adele uses rhyming words like wondering, everything, healing, breaking, nothing, and running to establish rhyming in her lyrics. She uses a regular rhyme scheme in her work. Her use of a rhyme scheme binds together the song. Because of rhyming, the stanzas appear to flow beautifully and almost naturally. To create an anaphora, she also uses phrases such as “Hello” again and again. And in the song itself, there is certainly a group of romantic feet that just pop up in various areas of the song. Many more words were used, but the most common were the ones mentioned.

The gaps led them to two separate countries, and Adele from another country says “Hello.” As mentioned,’ the other side’ may very well be a short green hedge between two adjacent homes, but they are on two different sides of their cores. Again,’ calling’ is a referring word to the fractured friendship being mended. Adele tried to contact him, but he’s never ‘home,’ meaning he’s never on the same level as her. When she says “I must have called a thousand times,” Adele uses a metaphor in her work. She means she has called his lover several times, but not exactly a thousand times.

She proceeds the chorus by saying, “At least I can say I tried … To tell you I ‘m sorry for breaking your heart,” even if he won’t pick up (Ford, 2017). While she won’t be able to get complete transparency, she at least believes she’s going to be happy that she tried and that her effort will be some closure for herself. Of fact, as she does, the person does not appear to like closure: “But it doesn’t matter.” Obviously, it no longer breaks you apart. “She interprets his absence as a lack of need for the stability she wants.” (Fuziah, 2017)By claiming that she tried and did what she could to rebuild trust, Adele is trying to move on, but she admits she is to blame. We can therefore see how she constantly says how sorry she is. Yet her lover had moved on already.

In stanza 2, as she sings, “Hello, how are you?” she seems to be leaving a note for him.  It’s so typical of me to talk about myself. I am sorry I hope that you’re well … Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happened? (Ford, 2017)She continues the conversation on her own because he will not pick up, and she begins to wonder what he is going to say. Yet her mission still remains urgent. She claims that if they don’t communicate fast, they are never going to be able to fix what happened and still bear the burden: “It is no wonder that we’re both running out of time.”

Before “Hello” ends with a sad and moody note, a lovely repeat of the chorus persists for two more occasions. There’s a toned-down, sad and mellow tune to the entire album that I think is great for the song, and the sound of Adele only resonates throughout the song.

To Adele herself, the ultimate sense of the song is very profound and intimate. The entire song is simply about wanting to link to her former self. It is about recalling days when she was young and free and was eager to do whatever she wanted. Finally, she knows she’s a completely different person than she was before and has experienced major changes. The song mostly deals with how she wants to apologize for the things she regretted or the error she made inside herself. And as she wants to harness that part of her life, she’s taking a different course now than she was back then. Adele attempts to become the young and free girl she used to be, but she appears to give up on the dream near the end.


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