Sample Music Essays Paper on Bi Kidude: The influence of African Culture on Music Themes

Garfias (7) defines culture as the sum of things known and passed down to future generations. Based on this, music, just like various other societal practices is an essential element of culture. Garfias (7) further asserts that music is not only an outgrowth of societal culture but also a reflector of the culture. In any society, the music adopts cultural themes and values. At the same time, the musical outcome reflects the societal values and the beliefs of the society. On this account, studying music can be an effective way of exploring an important concept in culture. Explorations of different music types and sources can aid in the comprehension of a particular society’s culture. One of the contemporary African Artistes, who have been recognized for their role in cultural propagation through music, is Bi Kidude.

In the proposed paper, the life of Bi Kidude will be explored with particular interest on her music. The objective of the study will thus be to determine how contemporary music propagates culture and how the same culture gives rise to musical themes. The following questions will be answered through the study.

  • What features of the Tanzanian culture influenced Bi Kidude’s music?
  • How does the music enhance cultural propagation?
  • What societal and cultural elements does the music embody?

Through the proposed study, it will be possible to understand the extent of interconnection between culture, the society and music. For instance, past studies show that music was initially an accompaniment to rituals and ceremonies. Furthermore, music also played an important role in the communication aspect of different cultures. Garfias (11) narrates the presence of a diverse range of complex music, used for different cultural purposes.

The study will be conducted using a combined secondary and primary source research methods. The primary methods will involve abstraction of some of the works done by Bi Kidude, and their actual exploration in the context of the African theme.  The secondary approach will involve a review of various past studies on the subject of African culture and music.

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