Sample Music Essay Paper on The La Bamba

The La Bamba

The song ‘la bamba’ is the most known, the most played, and the most appreciated Mexican folklore around the globe. Ritchie Valens composed the modern version of the tune with a rock and roll genre in Spanish. Many individuals and groups have played the tune in different occasions with some changing the original lyrics of the song to fit their audience. However, the most played and José Gutierrez and the Ochoa brothers perform the version that has been able to uphold the originality of the song. Felipe Ochoa is the skilled harpist in the team while José is the vocalist of the team. Their version f the song has been played around Europe, America, and Mexico.

            The instruments that stand out in this song include the harp and the two types of guitar; the ‘jarana jaracho’ that provides the base tune and the ‘requinto jaracho’ that produces the high pitch. The harp is played in a fast plucking method, and it is the most noticeable instrument in the song. In most cases, the song is sung in turns as the artists try to bring out the romantic theme of the song. Additionally, the artists mix hard driving rhythms of the guitars and the harp with high pitch vocals to bring out the pride of the region.

            The lyrics of the song la Bamba provide an exclusive romantic nature rather than the humorous boasting of the rest of Sones Jarochos. For instance, some lyrics of the song especially where the singer addresses the bird leaves the listener with beautiful poetic passage. The arrangement of the lines as well allow performers to sing in turns bringing hence making the romantic words actionable.