Sample Music Essay Paper on Open Stage Jazz Concert Report

Open Stage Jazz Concert Report

Open Stage Club in Coral gables, Florida holds Jazz concerts every Monday to support local artistes. The owner of the club began the Jazz concerts to cater for the needs of local musicians through the money collected at the entrance. On Monday 20th June 2016, I attended a Jazz concert at the Open Stage Club which proved to be amazing as expected. Having heard about the Monday concerts and how they contribute to the growth of local musicians, I was really interested in getting a first-hand experience of one of such events. I had been thinking about allocating time on one of the Mondays to attend the concert and thereafter make a decision on whether the owner of the club could achieve his goals through the concerts or not.

Consequently, when I was given the task to attend a music event and report on it, Open Stage proved to be the most viable venue since the performances were reliable. I always had a feeling that since the concerts were held every week, it was possible that the people of Coral Gables would have reduced the attendance levels of the concert. Because of this, I expected a very low attendance of the event I chose to attend. The preparation process for the event was not very demanding since all I had to do was to find a means of transportation. Finding something to put on was not a problem since I only had to choose from already available clothes option as there was no dress code for Open Stage Club on Mondays. As for transportation, I was easily sorted since I have friends with whom we have been sharing the interest to attend Open Stage events. We travelled together to the venue and arrived early enough to be seated at the second table from the stage where the live presentation was taking place.

The Open Stage Jazz concert proved to be slightly at par with my expectations. For starters, the attendance was just as predicted since all the attendees managed to find sitting space throughout the performance. Moreover, all those who were in attendance were served accordingly without any issues. The fact that most people did not show signs of awe or wonder at the show proved that those who were present were regulars of the club and therefore used to the performances therein. The venue was typical of a live performance venue with the club being separated into two sections. The performance took place on the dais while the audience sat at tables within the remaining lower section of the club. This made it possible for everyone in the audience to have a clear view of the occurrences on the stage. The actual performance was by a band of four members who included Gary Keller, Billy Hart, Kenny Werner and Drew Gress. The four members of the band each had a distinct role with Billy Hart being the drummer, Gary is the band’s tenor/ Alto saxophonist, Kenny is the synthesizer and Drew Gress plays the electric guitar. Each of these members actively plays their instrument with great interest in the performance.

The coordination among the members clearly communicated a well-organized band in which there were specific codes for communication amongst themselves. While the entire band demonstrated great skill in delivery, the engagement of the audience was limited to providing information about the forthcoming songs. Most of the members of the audience showed interest to the presentations through listening and engaging in various body movements that indicated response to the presentations. Since each of the audience members was engaged in other activities such as eating, drinking and conversations with each other, the participation in the playing music turned to be mainly passive despite few critical responses from some of the people in there. Consequently, it can be said that audience although audience attention was divided among many activities, participation in music through applauds at the end of songs, maintaining eye contact with the performers and body movements such as nodding all indicate the emotional and psychological presence of the audience during the performance.

One of the songs presented by the band which struck me as amazing was a Ballard, ‘Prelude to a Kiss.’ Judging from the reactions of the crowd during performance and after the performance of the song, this performance amazed the entire audience or at least most of those in attendance. The song is characterized by slow beats with an almost romantic undertone. Because of this, the song draws deep emotional connections from the audience. In addition to this, the band also made this an exceptional performance which involved the display of joyful emotions by the synthesizer during the song’s performance. Other songs were also enjoyable during the performance. Although the band performed exceptionally well together, some of the songs presented such as the ‘Prelude to a Kiss’ and ‘Blues for the New Age’ were presented as solo performances by the synthesizer who was marketing his new album alongside other band members’ music videos.

In general, the Jazz performance at Open Stage club on that particular Monday was fulfilling. This is because contrary to disapproving my expectations about the audience, it brought together few but positive people who not only wanted to listen to music, but also had the intention of seeing the growth of local musicians and music groups. I would thus recommend this a place to visit every Monday for the Jazz lovers.