Sample Music Essay Paper on Differences between Baroque and Classical Violin

Baroque violin has been an excellent instrument whose tone has stood out above others. For that reason, many artists have recommended the instrument for people who want to produce and play melodious tone and line. This piece of instrument is very agile especially in the hands of an expert violist who can execute hasty array of musical notes. This is the reason why many artists playing Baroque violin have surprised and amazed their listeners to an extent of encouraging audience to embrace the instrument’s tune. Moreover, many artists have compared the sound from the instrument with that of human voice because of its expressive nature. The reason for this is the ability of the instrument to generate vibrato that blends well with pitch and timbre to produce pleasing tones.

On the other hand, Classical violins have garnered much respect from artists and myriad audience. This is anchored on the assertions that classical violin is so original compared to modern violins. Compared to Baroque violin, Classical violins are more attractive and pleasing to audience attending concerts. These violins are capable of producing poetic nimbleness and vivid figurations. Thus, excellently expresses moods and produces effects that introduce brilliance and drama to musical tones. Furthermore, it sustains remarkable tones that emotionally appeals to the audience like human voice. The instrument is light and can be held close to the artist making them part and parcel of a concert composition and performance. Consequently, the instrument is simple making modification of volume and brilliance easier for a violinist. The instrument has longer fingerboards, greater string tension and more efficient bows that produce appealing tunes to the audience for greater satisfaction.