Sample Music Courseworks Paper on Programmatic Elements

Programmatic Elements

Baroque Concerto uses the following programmatic element in his work that was influenced by Vivaldi. They are flute and violin aspects that indicate the human affects. Antonio Vivaldi was popularly known for the solo concerti and concerti grossi, which combines single soloist and a few soloists respectively. This is evidence in Vivaldi work entitled the four seasons. In addition, Vivaldi work demonstrative sonnets was largely applied by Baroque in coming up with his sonnet instrumental music. Vivaldi wrote the notation as well as the sonnets outlining the lines addressed by the music.

Baroque on his part used the idea of the four seasons developed by Vivaldi to addresses human lifecycle. These includes the spring that represents childhood, summers representing adolescents, winter standing for old age and fall representing adult. Thus, baroque work is a clear manifestation of the continuation of Vivaldi work that he established before he died as a poor man. Before his music and genre matured to an extent of being known by many people, death claimed his life. Baroque incorporated the rappresentativo style also known as the representative style, which resembled the romantic program music.

Some of the notable attributes of human life brought out in his work includes human occupations, aspects of nature and various pet animals that human kept as pets at home. In analyzing the two artists work, one is in a position to identify the effects of Vivaldi work on the latter musical career of Baroque. Rock is characterized by instrumental music, which instigates the emotions of human beings. At this juncture, human aspects are central in the composition and programming of this kind of music genre. These are just some of the ways that Baroque uses programmatic element in his music.