Sample Music Admission Essay on Fresh off the Boat

Fresh off the Boat

In each series, there are attempts to change existing situations and conditions in specific contexts. For instance in series 1, Eddie Huang’s family moves from D.C. to Orlando, and the attempt by Eddie’s father to renovate and control a failing steakhouse illustrates how gentrification works. In series 12, Louis becomes the coach of Eddie’s basketball team, and he struggles to bring new rules with the aim of achieving success with the team. The steps and new characters exhibited by Louis in his new position show how gentrification works. Similarly, in other episodes, there are attempts and efforts to introduce new ideas and changes in various contexts, and these are clear illustrations of how gentrification works.

Each episode of the comedy presents a marginalized cast member as an outcast or an unwanted member of the community. For instance, in episode 11, despite Eddie slipping and breaking his arm, he does not get elected to the student council. Also, in episode 13, his friends do not join him on his project in Iceland, but switch to a project on the Caribbean islands. It should also be noted that each series stigmatizes a marginalized cast member. In most cases, Eddie is unable to join his friends in social activities. Besides, his father has a hard time marketing his restaurant to customers, and this illustrates stigmatization. Moreover, a marginalized cast member is racialized, and this is evident when Eddie is paired up with Philip in all activities because they are of the same race. Also, the fact that each episode stereotypes a marginalized cast member cannot be refuted. Eddie Huang was stereotyped during school activities, and this is supported by the fact that his friends avoided him.