Sample Movie Review on Star Wars movie ‘What is a Hero?’

What is a Hero?

A hero can be termed as any person who can demonstrate bravery when faced with a predicament. A hero is an individual who is celebrated for acts of courage or dignity of purpose, particularly someone who has risked or forfeited his or her life for a big cause. He/she is also someone who is willing and able to assist another human being in numerous ways. An individual can turn into a hero by saving a person in danger. Further, a hero is someone who is there to assist others and give them courage to continue facing life’s intricacies. A person who has given up his or her life for another live can also be termed as a hero. Nonetheless, a hero does not need to always demonstrate courage, he can be scared but still be a hero in other actions.

The first segment of any mythic story introduces the audience to their hero, his/her background and eventually the intricate task he/she has to complete. At some point in the story, the character comes across helpers and obtains the tools that will finally help in completing his mission. The escapade of Luke Skywalker tracks the typical phases of a hero’s expedition. Luke is a farm boy from the Tatooine and he is dragged from darkness into a place of escapade when two strange droids emerge in his life carrying a veiled message from a strange princess. Through the help of an astute guide, Luke obtains a magical understanding of the Force, enrolls rugged new friends, Solo and Chewbacca, and passes through the galaxy to save the princess. In mythology, a hero’s expedition commences with a call to quest, the first occurrence on a risky path that will detach him from his habitat and relatives. The call normally comes in the form of a messenger, who carries a message that instigates the commencement of the adventure. Regularly, a hero is not aware of the hand of fate at work, and an occasion that may appear normal may become a turning point that propels the superman into a world of risk and anticipation.

When the Star Wars movie commences, a clash in space fumes high above the Tatooine with the evil powers called the Galactic Empire, persistently hunting the forces of good referred in the film as the Rebel Alliance. It is due to this battle that Princess Leia sends a request for help to the planet Tatooine. The hand of Fate, in the form of Jawa businessmen, brings her letter to the restless farm kid, Luke Skywalker.

Luke aspires to become a space pilot, but he is torn between his need to join the Academy and his devotion to his kin, who need him on the ranch and fear that he will never go back if he departs. Luke’s life is altered when his uncle procures the droids, who carries the Princess’ request for help, from passing traders. Their appearance heralds the commencement of the mission that allows Luke to find out his factual birthright and fate. When he observes the message hologram contained within the droid, he is drawn into a mission to save the Princess and eventually liberates the entire galaxy.

As a hero embarks on a path of escapade, his voyage will not just be a physical one, but more significantly, a divine one. The spiritual world is always sheltered by guardians of some kind. The Nio guard Buddhist places of worship, an angel safeguards the Garden of Eden, Cerberus protects the Hades, the Scorpion-men safeguard the mountain passageway which directs to Dilmun, and the dragon Smaug guards the riches of Misty Mountain.

Luke’s expedition from the temporal to spiritual world is at first obstructed by the Tusken invaders. On the other hand, it can be disputed that Uncle Owen is also a protector, trying to stop Luke from beginning his mission, knowing of the course which Luke could seize was the same path taken by his dad, one which leads to the Dark region of the Force.

Before getting started, a hero must primarily bump into threshold guardians, who will block the way to his quest. Luke bumps into such guardians when he is assaulted by the Tusken invaders although he is saved by Obi-Wan.

Normally, the inexperienced hero finds that he cannot progress without supernatural help in the form of a shrewd guide who offers assist. The hero could be unconscious of his fate, but even when he realizes his fate, he may try to snub his difficult mission until the guide directs him to the right path. His master, Obi-Wan is able to fulfill this responsibility for Luke, counselling him, Jedi exercise, and the mystical understanding of the Force that he requires on his quest. The journey ahead will contain numerous barriers to test the hero’s abilities and courage, but with Obi-Wan’s assistance, Luke takes on the test.

During the mission, a hero is normally presented with insight from some spiritual, unearthly source. With regards to Greek myths, this insight is normally granted by the gods. Ben explains to Luke that, in George Lucas’ world, the insight is afforded by the Force, an energy field formed by all living things, which encloses human beings and penetrates and connects the galaxy altogether.

Heroes normally have a clear-cut goal, yet they are more often sidetracked along the way and will roam for ages. Odysseus is a major example and also the life of Moses will match this pattern. Luke will be headed for Alderaan when his life will abruptly be changed perpetually. His ambition is to grow and be a Jedi, yet after the incidents of Star Wars, he will roam far and wide as he gradually makes progress towards attaining this goal.

Throughout the expedition, the hero requires a vehicle and usually, they use a vessel and mates. This relates to both Odysseus and Luke, whose boat, initially, will be the Millennium Falcon. The hero will then turn out to be quite close to his cohorts who are now partners in his quest. Therefore, in this film, Han Solo and Chewbacca come into play.

In the majority of the most loved fairy tales, there is always a damsel in anguish and this film is no different. In the film, there is a princess who needs to be rescued, but Leia is no passive damsel in suffering. At some point in the course of the fairy-tale, she will pursue her own path towards developing into being a heroine.

In several myths, there is a conventional character triangle of a hero-ogre-woman. In relation to Star Wars the monster, or employing the medieval shape of monster, is the Death Star. To rescue Leia from the dragon, the heroes play the role of medieval knights, donning shield as they set of to rescue her.

Modern Day heroes are not the same as traditional mythical heroes. People have changed and they no longer require a hero to fight the evil that runs out of control like the Greek mythical views. Celebrities are looked up to now compared to superheroes and people now worship those who have the matching interest as they do. Heroes nowadays, are individuals who people look up to and dream of becoming. In today’s civilization, a hero is depicted as someone who opposes what is wrong and conquers it.