Sample Movie Review on Henry V

Movie Review: Henry V

Henry V movie is one of the popular films in British history. The film’s most interesting part is the historic speech of king V. In this speech; king demonstrates his ability to adapt into the war situation that faced him; he is determined to fight rather than avoiding the war. His speech to the troops on St.Crispin’s Day aimed at inspiring them. He stimulates and arouses courage and desire to fight and win the battle. He encourages his soldiers that the victory is theirs even in death because even if they die, they shall be remembered for their historic move in the battle. King’s troops were few and demoralized; thus, King had to find the ways of motivating them amidst of French invasion threats. King uses tactfully chosen words that captivate his troops and arouse determination to fight and win.

The promise of remembrance in thefuture motivates the troops in their preparation for war. King instills in them the feelings of goodwill and a desire to save their country through the sacrifice of their blood. The speech focused on inspiring those who had doubts on England’s success. He urges those who had no courage to fight for the nation to depart from the troops because he was not willing to die in the company of such coward, “Let him depart; his passport shall be made…” He calls forfellowship and company, for strength, unity, and determination. His speech instills hope among the troops that success awaited them in their battle that shall be remembered by the future generations concerning St. Crispin’s Day. He argues that whoever shed his blood with him, shall be his brother. He asks critical questions to challenge his troops on the need to fight for their nation. The war situation requires atiger attitude summoned up by disguise and bloodshed. After his speech, the troops take his words as their own deep down to the battlefield that leads to their success irrespective of their numbers. He concentrated on their strengths as the pillar to their success thus avoiding their weaknesses.

King walks around the camp on the eve of the meeting with the eve of the battle. This walk helped him set direction for success. He walks around to collect data that would help him foster good relationships and visualize success strategies. In his walk the evening before the war, he disguises himself in order to find out what people think of him. This walk might have inspired his historic speech at Saint Crispin’s Day. This action reflects his character as an organized leader who only takes calculated steps in his actions. He is critical in preparing and prepares for a speech in advance. He also prepares his troops both psychologically and physically.

The English desire for success in the battle drives king to develop strategies that could lead to his success. Although the film has received criticism concerning its praise of war, KingsActions are out of goodwill. King takes risks in order to achieve his success. King’s decision to kill the old drinking friend shows his desire to put all the men at work rather than waste their lives in non-constructive ways such as alcohol drinking. His fight with the constable of France demonstrates his ability to implement his ideas in thereal sense; he executes his plans by implementing risky decisions. It demonstrates his willingness to die for England and to be with his troops; additionally, this act was a way of guiding the soldiers at the same time showing them important tactics that will lead to their success in the battle.  However, he minimizes his engagement in war in order to delegation strategy to function.