Sample Medical Science Essay Paper on Case Control Study in Epidemiology

Case control study involves observation and research on varied issues that have different outcomes. This mostly applies in medical situations by doing a comparison on those with a disease and those without the disease but have similar symptoms. Case control studies are used in modern epidemiology more often because they are cheaper to carry out more so in uncommon diseases ( Rothman  Greenland Lash 2008). It normally takes a shorter period to conduct a case study. However, it is not easy to obtain sufficient reliable information for study and research. Case control study is defined by a process that explains and substantiates the research work.

The process begins with willingness to participate and this relies a lot on the leadership. The process could involve several issues or a single item. Government involvement is relevant for the success of studies in terms of funding and security support. Accessibility and acceptability is also a key aspect of the process as it determines costs and data accessibility for the case study. Exposure information has a great role in case study as it gives vital information on human health ( Rosenbaum 2002). This information can be used for reference to avoid future exposures of the same disease. Exposure information determines the outcome of the case study as it helps in planning, regulation and management in the case of study ( Pearce 1996).

Data analysis for case studies comprises of data creation and data coding. The reports are also populated using generational models and reports. The analysis is guided by the methods used for data collection. The case study and the sources of information allows for data manipulation, planning and conclusions from the data for future use in similar or different cases (Breslow 1996).


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