Sample Marketing Paper on Travel marketing, tourism economics and the airline product

The surrounding influences on the company’s management. Although most of a manager’s time is spent in interactions with subordinates inside the organization, managers must also deal with the issues in the external environment. These include micro, market and the macro environments. The environmental concepts refer to the sum total of the variables that may include the continued survival of an organization. An organization and its environment are interdepended. The environment provides resources and feedback to the organization and itself. And in turn produces the goods and services required by the environment.

Micro environment; this consist of the organization itself, that is the mission, goals, objectives and strategies of the organization. it also consists of; the organization and its management, the organizational culture and the resources of an organization like employees, capital and finance (Anthony 55). After the micro environment there is a market environment before we head to the macro environment, which is also called the competitive environment and it consist of the consumers, their needs, purchasing power, behavior and the supplies of materials.

Macro environment; refers to all the forces that form the lager part outside the company and used to shape the opportunities and threats to the organization. In Brightstar Recreational Hotel we offer different services which include; foods and drinks, there is a bar, a swimming pool for relaxing and accommodation facilities. The reason behind picking this recreational hotel is because it offers many and of different services be it services to do with rest and enjoyments. The services to do with in-room dinning, indoor lap pool, parking, wireless internet and swimming facilities attract people from allover be it the high ranked and the low ranked.

Our main mission being to offer quality services locally and internationally helps in our own marketing. The company’s goals are; to give our customers the best to their limit without undermining anyone and the second goal is to help our customers relax and have fun with their families and friends. The main purpose of many and different companies being to attract different and many people and make the maximum profit possible, Brightstar Recreational Hotels main target are the tourists who visit the country and also the highly ranked in the society and these two serve us the main customers.

The company’s main competitors are the international and worldwide brands and hotels citing a few examples, we have; Hilton hotel and resort, Hyatt hotel caporation, Marriott and Wyndham hotels which happen to be in most of the highly developed countries. Brightstar Recreational Hotel works hand in hand with different companies and several governmental sectors. Environmental, water and energy sectors of the government helps to keep the environments clean, well lit and in good supply of fresh and clean water. Food supply companies are the main intermediaries which enable the smooth running of the organization.

Due to the rapid growth of the population and the advancement of the technology across the world, several Hospitality service offering companies have developed offering both quality and classic services and hence raising the competition graph. The future competitors of the Brightstar Recreational Hotel are still under constructions with the fact that we already exist. Upcoming companies which will offer tourist services inconjuction with hotel, accommodation and recreational will definitely give Brightstar a very stiff competition.

On the future perspective due to competition The Brightstar has to come up with some improvements and connections so as to avoid being knocked out by the upcoming competitors and to help have a competitive advantage in the market. First, it needs to extend a hand to the tourism government sector with the fact that their main customers are tourists, secondly is to increase the macro environment that the company can be reached in different parts of the world and lastly increase services like board and meeting rooms, fitness centers and tourist transport services.



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