Sample Marketing Paper on Principals of Marketing

Principals of Marketing

Opinion Paper – Guidelines and Questions


Paper Format:

  1. Cover page – name, course & section, date and title
  2. Table of contents
  3. Executive summary

-Introduce each question

-1 paragraph of each question

-conclusion of each question

  1. Question answers (approximately 1 page per answer single spaced)

-Introduce question

-answer question


  1. References (Links are acceptable) Approximately 8 references recommended.


Notes:          Please submit in class by the due date no report covers, folders, etc.

Write the executive summary last (hint)

Paper should be SINGLE-SPACED, DOUBLE-SPACED IS UNACCEPTABLE and the paper will not be graded

Use 10pt to 12pt type.

(Times New Roman)

Support all your thoughts and conclusions with references/links




  1. As discussed in class this semester, inflation is at a 40-year high. Do you believe this has or will impact your personal life? Yes or No and Why?


  1. What changes should you expect with your disposal income, discretionary income, ability to save, and your future debt load during this inflationary cycle? Why?


  1. What changes can be made in your purchasing (i.e., groceries, energy, transportation, and shelter to assure your basic needs are met? Why?


  1. In general, inflation has a life cycle. What are your expectations for the length of the current inflation life cycle (in months)? What strategies can be used to slow or mitigate inflation by federal, state, and local government? Why?