Sample Marketing Paper on Marketing Sports Women of Today (SWOT) Network

Executive Summary

There is a good market for a sports network that is dedicated to coverage of females-only sports events. This is because women account for more than a third of all the viewers and followers of sports event. Also, it has been established that most the sports that are dominated by women such as women’s leagues and skating have a higher proportion of female following. This means that airing all-female sports programs will result in having a higher number of female viewers. Women are also better and loyal consumers compared to men, and the present trends suggest that their earning and spending power is increasing gradually. The fact that most of sports events are dominated by male athletes and media influenced by males makes women that would otherwise be interested in sports get discouraged. These are the issues and opportunities that Sports Women of Today (SWOT) Network intends to capitalize on. This network has targeted female in the age range of 16 to 55 years. A good portion of females in this demographic group are very active on social media. The network intends to market itself to them using this platform and women magazines as well. The appeal to sports will be intensified by encouraging the viewers to adopt fitness hobbies and also highlighting the success stories of women in sports to encourage others that the glass ceiling in other spheres of their lives can still be broken. The geographical market targeted by this network is the active women population in North America. Revenue for the networks is expected from adverts made for the sports merchandise and apparel and also from branded items sold by the network and the organizing of events and galas.

Marketing Sports Women of Today (SWOT) Network


Mission statement

SWOT Network is interested in celebrating the achievements of women in sports and other spheres of life. This network intends to engage positively with women through the social media and in the broadcasting of all-female sports events. This is expected to inspire the audience, who are majorly women, to desire to succeed in their life objectives.

Overview of The Business

Just like other sports networks, this network will be broadcasting sports, with the major difference being that all of the events broadcasted will be all-female sports. This is done in a bid to balance the publicity given to male athletes to the female ones.Attention that is given to the male athletes is the one that makes them excel and achieve more compared to the women in the same field (McCarthy, 2015). This network will give the women participating in sports the attention that they have been denied for a long time. The objective of having this network in place, therefore, is to improve the stature of women in sports and inspire others that might want to make participation in a particular sport their career.

More than third of the 14 million regular viewers of sports networks are comprised of women. These are the viewers of the regular sporting events which are dominated by male participants. It has been established that more women become interested in sports that include female participants (Van Riper, 2001). The earning power of women in the united states is increasing as time passes by and more opportunities are afforded to them in terms of education and careers. It is expected that by 2028, the average American woman will be earning more than the average American man (Walter, 2012). This means that business targeting women is bound to have a good market base in the future.

This network expects to gain revenue from the sale of adverts to the corporations that deal with sports merchandise and apparels. These are the companies that are stakeholders in the sports and fashion industry, and the exposure given by this network to the numerous viewers is valuable to them (Brown, 2007). The network will also sell to the interested viewers and sportswomen its branded merchandise and also organize sports events and galas that are intended to promote the participation of women in sports. These various revenue generating activities are expected to assist in the provision of an incentive to continue with the enterprise.

The current marketing strategy for the network is social media, as the targeted audience of between 15 years and 55 years are females that are active on social media and seeking content that will make them feel empowered. The network is also interested in reaching out to this audience via magazines in the fitness sections (Thapa, 2013). Women this age are conscious about their looks and weight. The promise of a network that might introduce them to a fitness hobby is welcome. This network’s main geographic market is in North America where it intends to compete with other established networks in the region. Success in this region will result in the expansion to other parts of the globe such as Europe, Asia and Australia. The focus on women is driven by the fact that almost half of the world’s population consists of females and the same representation should be observed in all spheres.


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