Sample Marketing Essay Paper on Nobody Denim

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Nobody Denim

Chinese market is a perfect choice for jeans brand by Nobody denim. The market is sensitive to prices as well as brands. Therefore, venturing into this market requires prior study of consumer’s behavior in regards to brands (page 4). Some brands have already dominated the market an action that discourages new comers from entering the market. The Chinese consumers are always eager to try new products and thus the company should consider introducing its brands into the market. The brand image that the company will be able to create will determine the number of sales that the company will be able to make.

The Jeans market in China recorded a growth of 5% in the year 2015. The most successful jeans manufacturers have been able to maintain a progressive growth by investing in fabric innovation, technology and also in the production of attractive designs (page 6). The production of brands that fits the various social classes is also of key importance and thus the company should focus on the production of the luxury brands as well as brands for the low income earners.

The market is quite competitive with some of the major players being VF Asia Ltd which has a market share of 4%.  The Chinese consumers are price sensitive and thus most of them now prefer the use of the online platform for the selection and purchase of the product (page 8). The company should thus consider investing in the online platform for it to be able to reach a broader Chinese market.  This is mainly due to the fact that the online platform is able to offer them discounts and they are also able to receive customized Jeans.