Sample Marketing Essay Paper on Niketown and Adidas


Niketown and Adidas were chosen as megabrands with huge market share in the retail section. These two stores have established quality and reliability rapport with their customers. It is estimated that more than 17 million international visitors among them 200,000 Saudis are attracted to London annually. Additionally, the street, Oxford Street, attract around 200,000 million visitors responsible for at least £5 billion of sales annually. The street that harbors Adidas store is easily accessible with public transport with two entrances whereas Niketown stands on a highly attractive location with four main entrances within the busiest circuses.

            The goods are well displayed to attract more customers. Adidas has a seasonal window to advertise their climaheat apparel, whereas Niketown preferred the logo with the small font its wall due to limited space. The logo of Adidas is quite clear as it contains visible brand name. Niketown had better interior displays, which connected its customers by creating the feeling of sensory stimuli. The store connected with its international customers by displaying its jersey during the touring period. Regarding the layout, Niketown had four floors with fitting room on every floor; Adidas had three floors with all the displays for every game and the products. Niketown therefore is more spacious with high ceilings and no aisles and escalators for easy movement of the customers. Adidas likewise felt cramped due to limited space.

            Both stores contain diverse options of inventory and welcoming employees. The warm attitude, experience on customer relations, and innovativeness makes the stores better choices and more competent at serving international customers with varied demands. Niketown leads in innovation by employing advanced technology while Adidas attracts more customers by collaborating with big names in the industry and capitalizing on the consumer experience. In addition, their employees were more advanced in the background information of their products than their competitor was, Niketown was. Similarly, Niketown had positive regards concerning the atmosphere of the store and their products were more overpriced as compared to Adidas. The two stores are therefore more suitable at managing international customers especially visitors from Saudi. This fact has been highly supported by the feedback of the Saudi customers through social media. From the findings, London remains the preferred touring and buying destination more so due to the presence of the two major sports stores.