Sample Marketing Essay Paper on Attracting Customers

Attracting Customers

The origin of Schwarzkopf Company can be traced back in Berlin around the year 1898 when it started as a small enterprise business. Over the years, the company has grown to be one of the world’s leading companies in cosmetics. The relationship of the company and its customers greatly determines the success of that particular business. That may be interpreted to mean the fall of a business is inevitable in a situation the relationship with customers is bad or unsatisfactory. Good quality products also boost the company’s chances in maintaining a good position in the market by satisfying the customers (‘Attract new customers while cultivating existing ones using social video marketing’, 2014). Relating this and other concepts to Schwarzkopf company, one can deduce that the company has been able to win the hearts of the customers consequently enhancing rampant growth witnessed over the years. The success of the business more so is determined by the ability of the business/ company to clearly define its objectives. Schwarzkopf has in itself been able to define and set clear its objective and intended goals.

Jumping to conclusion

With the company concentrating more efforts on hair products, the company has made its operation easy by investing more on researches that have consequently helped the company to edge other companies in the related field. Schwarzkopf has remained dominant over the years due to its ability to maintain and attract new customers and improving the quality of their products as per customers’ need (Shapiro, 1999). This has been enabled by investing more on advertisement and other ideas that help in convincing the customers to buy or sought the advertised services. The company has concentrated more on delivering what it feels fully satisfies their customers who in turn feel the services or products meet the value of the cost incurred. This has been successful due to the company understanding their customer’s personality hence getting a clear insight on what the customer’s want or expect. This, however, does not mean that the company discards making older products but continue making them. This is due to the main reason that the company believes in the aspect of progression and accumulation where its policies stipulate that it should attract more customers while maintaining the loyal ones. By producing different products to suit almost every need of the customers in hairdressing sector, the company has gained trust from customers with others shifting from their previous producers.

Customer’s personality

In addition to this aspect of customer- producer’ relationship, Schwarzkopf has employed different methods of attracting new customers (‘Haircare polymer from Croda’, 2006). The company has greatly employed the technique of carrying out fashion shows for prospective clients. The technique has helped the company to exhibit its products to customers who are able to see the different kinds of products available from this company. In addition to this, customers are able to get clarifications on the products in situations they want to know more about a certain product. This aspect makes the customers acknowledge that the products are real and attainable to them (Benson-Allott, 2009). This method is effective since it is more or of an entertainment or fun affair.

Social image

The aspect of social image is greatly related to social self-image. It however tries to evaluate or examine how consumers wants others to see themselves. In the context of the study, consumers want others to see themselves as great players in Schwarzkopf. This is to mean that customers should see themselves as the targeted group by the company and be free in buying their products. They should also see themselves as virtual shareholders in that they forward their views which probably would be put into consideration. (Li, Cader, Schwarzkopf, Okamoto & Ramaprian, 2006).

Social self-image

In this aspect, the main idea is the manner in which customers perceive others think or see themselves. The customers may be said to feel that others see themselves as either a group that should be consistently persuaded to sought services or buy products from Schwarzkopf. They may feel that others see themselves as probably not in the league or position to afford services or get what they want by seeking services from a given organisation or company. (Bateman, 2003).


This aspect precisely attributes to actual self-image and idea self-image. Consumers associated with Schwarzkopf are able to feel and see the in depth factor of their demand or need met. They see themselves as ambassadors representing Schwarzkopf who they also feel have done more in making them get the services they need. On the idea self-image, consumers would like to see themselves as part and parcel of Schwarzkopf in that at some point they are involved in influencing the way forward in reference to the company. they may want to feel that they own the company.

Brand’s distorting influences

By using editorials, Schwarzkopf has been able to win more customers since this approach resembles an endorsement from the used mechanisms and hence persuades more customers on the need to buy a certain product (Miyazawa, 1995). This approach has been boosted further by use of celebrities to crusade for the Schwarzkopf’s products which has won the hearts of many customers in return. The company has been able to effectively target its customers by partly relying on stereotypes where they believe certain aspects argued about some sections of the customers may hold.


An example of this would be relying on stereotypes hypothesising that people with long hair mostly prefer a certain product while those with short hair prefer certain products probably different from the ones with long hair (Gray, 2001). The last aspect that can be attributed to Schwarzkopf success is the newsletter approach. This has enabled more target audience to be reached consequently winning their hearts to buy the products. In general, advertising has been the key aspect in the success of Schwarzkopf Company on matters marketing.

Physical appearance

            Using aluminium packaging materials has helped in making attractive packaging containers. The idea that customers go for that which pleases the eye is hence met in this approach. This has helped in winning the customers who don’t rely more on contents but appearance.

First impression

By portraying images of the effect of their brands, the customer’s first impression is that these products are the best and will give the best results. This is a good approach in edging other competitors who may not employ the same method in attracting their customers.

Irrelevant cues

The company has been able to deal with set-backs of irrelevant cues by elaborating and enlightening their customers on the factual truth about their products. This includes educating the customers on fears raised about side effects of their products.

Halo effect

To deal with bias in reference to halo effect, the company has embarked on producing variety of products. The company has also embarked on a mission to create good relationships with customers through promotions and offers.

An argumentative table

FactorSchwarzkopf hairsprayWoolworths homebred hairspray
incomeThe class of people hypothesised to buy products in this category can be said to be those earning relatively well. This is because considering the packages and also the pricing is relatively high hence biased against low income earners.Low income earners are however favoured in this category. Based on their packaging that involves small quantities that customers find favouring especially those with little income.
ageConsidering the fact this product has been in the market for a very long time, the old people may consider it as the best choice by arguing it has already branded itself.On the other hand, based on their advertising strategies which mostly are done online, the target group in here may be the young people and hence they may form a large portion of the consumers here.
genderThe ladies may consider buying this product considering the fact that this and other related products are designed to cater for long hair mostly preferred by ladies.This product may be favourable for both genders since both the ladies and men find it comfortable in using it.
 brandingWith this product being in the market for a long time, it has already established itself and is known by many hence the consumers from nearly all social status may be potential customers.This product is branded in a way mostly meant to attract the young people. This means mostly the young people are most likely to form the large chunk of customers.
Middle classThe middle class  may prefer this product in an equal measure depending on the advertisement.It is how the middle class will be appealed that would determine if they would opt for this product.


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