Sample Marketing Essay Paper on Analysis of Tesla

Tesla is an American multinational company that focuses on the segment of electric automobiles. It is considered one of the best builders of electric cars. The company’s source of revenue is facing a significant threat from increasing competition (MacDuffie 482). One of the company’s main challenges comes from the mass exodus of consumers to the emerging producers of electric cars (Chen and Perez 55). The movement, according to Gilson and Abbott (72) has discouraged people from buying Tesla’s vehicles due to its poor public relations management. To that end, it is clear that the company’s revenue is dwindling largely due to poor PR.

It is clear that Tesla should be focused on sociological research to attract young clients. The research should be focused on establishing the norms and the culture of human interactions. It is critical to note the sanctions and norms of the Millennials and Generation Z. The research will be qualitative as it seeks to establish the social characteristics of young customers. It means that the data source will be from primary sources as it will entail filed observations and the use of questionnaires. The greatest strength of this research is that it will enable Tesla to come up with original findings that will enable it to develop its generic plan. On the other hand, the weakness lies in the fact that it is time-consuming to conduct this research and its interpretations may be subjective thus not reflecting an accurate picture.

It is clear that young people are the suitable audience for its products and services. It means that the company needs to come up with a public relations strategy that (1) creates brand awareness and this includes an understanding of what fair trade coffee is (2) increase the business at its local-stores in college towns. To achieve this, the company needs to engage in a social research to determine how it can appeal to the young generation.

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