Sample Marketing Essay Paper on Advertisement Analysis- Pepsi

Advertisement Analysis- Pepsi

The Pepsi Company has picked up a new media campaign that involves packaging their cans, cups and bottles using Emojis (Schultz and Wohl 1).

Part 1: Identification of the Integrated Campaign

The Pepsi Company under the CEO Indra Nooyi has entered the bandwagon of branding their packaging (Schultz and Wohl 1). The company can be said to have taken the cue from the Coca-cola Company, who branded their packaging with the names of individuals. However, PepsiCo has taken a new direction with a  global campaign that objectifies to feature more than 70 Emojis called “Pepsi Emojis (Nudd 1).” The media campaign is intended to run in 100 different markets across the world (Nudd 1). The company aims to appeal to younger generations with the media campaign since emojis are popular particularly on social media. The media campaigns aim at utilizing not only the digital and traditional advertisement strategies but also the PepsiMoji inspired sunglasses (Schultz and Wohl 1). With the decreasing sales, the Company aims at attracting the young demography. In conjunction with the PepsiMoji; Pepsi Max also launched the star-studded football campaign- Pepsi Blue Card- that will run simultaneously with the Emoji media campaign (Connelly 1).

PepsiMoji and Pepsi Blue Card Campaign:

Interactive Video Ads:

They entail showcasing the idea of fun and the sharing of fun among individuals through emoji expressions.

Description: C:UsersBasimDesktopCanadaPepsi201602183X2.jpg
Description: C:UsersBasimDesktoppepsimoji-final-hed-2016.jpg

Source: (Diaz 1)

The Company aims at utilizing the traditional methods of advertising such as print media with such pictorials as shown above. They will be coupled with five seconds video advertisements. Sunglasses play a crucial role as a feature to appeal to the young demography. The use of emojis involves linking the digital and retail marketing.

Part 2: Identification of Themes

The notion behind PepsiCo’s Emoji media campaign underlies bringing a fun and shareable way to express emotions. It has been realized that emojis are growing phenomenon in digital media and the language without words and hence, the slogan “Say it with Pepsi.” The theme plays a minor role in marketing the products. It creates an ideology that their products are more than mere products but a way to share fun and excitements with friends and family.

Part 3: Positioning

The PepsiMoji media campaign can be said to be a repositioning marketing due to the success of the Share-a-Coke campaign. The PepsiMoji initiative is aimed at appealing and changing the perceptions of the young demography, insinuating a fun product and one that the target can express themselves with- “Say it with a Pepsi.”

Part 4: Source Factors

The PepsiMoji campaign aims at bridging the gap between digital and retail marketing. It involves the implementation of interactive billboards in the Times Square in New York City, an activation of the MLB All-Star Week (July 8-12), Snapchat integration to celebrate World Emoji Day on July 17 (PR Newswire 1). The media campaign also coincides with the Pepsi Blue Card media campaign that includes star-studded footballers.The Pepsi Blue Card Campaign has defined sources- footballers. The model of the drive is thus familiar. The source factors for the traditional media. The source of the PepsiMoji campaign is unknown. The social attractiveness of a media campaign is primary. The PepsiMoji campaign is an interactive media campaign that engages the emotions of the target user thereby creating a sense of self-identification.

Part 5: Appeals and Execution

The PepsiMoji  “Say it with Pepsi” media campaign uses mostly an emotional appeal. The campaign utilizes imagery-emoji animations and 5-seconds interactive videos to invoke emotion and grab the attention of their targeted customers. The emojis accrue to the customers’ emotions. Therefore, can be used as a means of expression. The interactive video media do not have dialogue and thus utilize to show the fun of the use of emojis in expression- trending means of communication- through the Pepsi cans- as a tool.

Part 6: Evaluation

The PepsiMoji campaign uses interactive media, digital media, print ads and events to market their campaign. They reach out to the young and millennial demography on a personal level. It promotes and inspires the sharing of fun and experiences.

Part 7: Recommendation

The PepsiMoji campaign should assume a wider scope or target. It can make the campaign more  successful.

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