Sample Marketing Essay on Response to the Top 20 Trends in 2014 Forecast Video

Response to the Top 20 Trends in 2014 Forecast Video

There are a number of interesting trends highlighted in this video. The most impressive one is the edgy environmentalism. It is thus my favourite trend.  This trend is closely related to the Coca-Cola Company. It is an international company that produces, manufactures, and distributes softy drinks. Some of these include sodas, milk products, energy drinks, and water that come in different packages. Over the many years that this company has been in the soft drink industry, it has made numerous efforts to maintain its competitive edge within the market. The company has a key policy of ensuring customer satisfaction through quality. With a high increase in competition, there has been the need to attract more customers towards buying their products. After performing a number of internal and external analyses on various factors that affect the operations of the company, there is a need to produce healthier and environmentally friendly products. The idea of going green will improve the trust that customers have in the company.

It will provide an assurance that they are concerned about the customers as one of their stakeholders. They will link it to the safety of the products contained. In addition, it will be a significant gesture towards taking care of the entire community and environment. As such, this trend is one sure way through which the company can win back the trust of the consumers in different parts of the world. It will also act as a contribution towards the current campaign to take care of the environment.


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