Sample Marketing Essay on Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper

            I recently participated in a Sales Career Exploration event at the Heritage Ballroom of the Tirey Hall. The occasion commenced at 5:30 pm. Even though it was an official event, the attire was specifically business casual. Various dignitaries and representations from different quarters were represented. Among the guests, included Dan Allen who is a Corporate Recruiter at the Reynolds &Reynolds in Ohio, Sarah Grahek, a Branch manager at the Cintas, Sherry Bartel, a District Sales Manager at the Pearson Higher Education, and Cook Medical Personnel. Other guests included Alyssa Jones, a Recruiting Specialist at the Ferguson Wolseley company, Bart Hile, an Agent at the State Farm, and Rebecca Johnson, a Human Resources Generalist and Angela Croswell, a Talent Acquisition Specialist both from the Baldwin & Lyons, Inc. There was Tabby Cates-Powell, a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Enterprise Holdings and David Gudal, a Senior Team Manager at the Charles Schwab. Dinner was provided immediately the guests had arrived.

As the visitors were chatting, I obtained a chance of participating in discussions with various sales professionals. Among them were Sherry from the Pearson, Dan, David, Sarah, and Alyssa. I learnt a lot from the discussions. A sales commissioner must have a goal to meet after a given duration. I also managed to realize that it takes dedication to rise from the common representative to satisfy the needs of the customers. Most of the guests started from a simple and small point to reach their destiny. David shared with us that it is necessary to uphold teamwork for greater success of the department. Some guests shared their greatest moments and the satisfaction of working in this field. Among these included satisfying the ever-growing demand of the customers and rising in the competition ladder in the market.