Sample Marketing Essay on Microsoft Retail Stores

Case 2: Microsoft Retail Stores

Case Summary

             Microsoft is considered one of the leading firms in Window’s operating software market. Despite its dominance in market, it faces competition from companies like Apple, and as a result, it has incurred decreased gross profit and revenue. Consequently, Microsoft has set new strategies of retaining current clients, maintaining long lasting relationships and efficiently attracting new customers in its customer base. One strategy that Microsoft has sought to develop is establishing retail stores that are owned by Microsoft, where clients will have access of better choice, value, service and delivery when shopping for Microsoft’s technology- based brands. The stores offer features where clients can purchase software products, embracing personal preference and style through technology. However, Microsoft’s retail stores have faced imitation- based criticisms from Apple, but Microsoft is hoping for a brighter future for their marketing strategy.

Answers to Case Questions

  1. Modifying Microsoft’s marketing channel strategy and developing company possessed retail stores was due to competition it faced from Apple software firm. Increased market base for Apple resulted to decreased total revenue in Microsoft’s customer base.
  2.  Microsoft’s retail store operations will provide improved customer experience. This is because, Microsoft store outline presents features that enables consumers to enjoy various technologies, ranging from making purchases in software disks and virtual cards to gaming zones. Additionally, clients will be able to receive specialized item usage advice from a friendly environment, and have a freedom to express personal style through Microsoft technology.
  3.  Marketing channel strategy that Microsoft developed is considered as an imitation to their competitor, Apple. This is because, Microsoft retail stores are means of offsetting success of Apple’s marketing strategy, and probably get back some of their former clients and increase sales.