Sample Marketing Coursework Paper on HubSpot


Business Model

HubSpot is one of the companies involved in sale of software as well as cloud based marketing. It is a complex marketing platform that exclusively deals with e-mail marketing, marketing automation, analytics, and blogging and search engine optimization (“HubSpot | Inbound Marketing & Sales Software”, 2016). The company business model is build around marketing of products from the online platform by integrating various businesses (“HubSpot | Inbound Marketing & Sales Software”, 2016). It is also a public stocked company meaning the public owns some shares.

Target Market

HubSpot exclusively targets all companies that aim to sale their products through various online platforms irrespective of their business levels (“HubSpot | Inbound Marketing & Sales Software”, 2016). Provided a company has interests in the sale of products that involve online marketing and sales, HubSpot becomes the preferred destination for marketing of such products.


            Pardot is one of the great competitors to HubSpot. It has diverse external services that provide better insights in terms of the digital body language (“Pardot B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce”, 2016). It segments different prospects and customers depending on their needs. this makes it easier when it comes to providing sales and marketing insights (“Pardot B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce”, 2016). In addition to this, Pardot has established a support team that quickly responds to the different needs of sales and marketers. The company website has a clear product roadmap and is constantly improved. Segmentation of marketing information based on demographics and behavioral aspects has targeted more populations more efficiently (“Pardot B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce”, 2016). The company also has a real time sales display


            The website would be restructured to contain less information. Currently, the websites looks crowded with too much information.The second aspect that will be incorporated would be the support team that will address all concerns of all sales and marketers. The website would also be made more user friendly to post information relating to sales and marketing.

Question Two

Google as a website has several deficits when it came to certain aspects such as SEO. The other aspects including lead generation, mobile, security hit the total scores which were thirty out of thirty (HubSpot, 2016). Thus it is important to increase their search engine optimization efficiencies. The performance of Yahoo had deficits of about six points while the other areas such as security and mobile hit the total scores. The Search engine optimization of Yahoo has also not reached the required standards (HubSpot, 2016). Therefore, more emphasis should be placed in improving the performance of the site as well as improving its search engine optimization techniques. Bing is classified as one of the best sites for social media and blogging. The performance of the website deviates by five points (HubSpot, 2016). Additionally, the search engine optimization does not meet the required standards. The other two characteristics involving the mobile and security levels are up to the required standards and do not necessarily require any change.

Question Three

            HubSpot brand stands for convenience. It has assisted sales and marketers to sell their product at their own convenient time without investing a lot of resource (HubSpot, 2016). Sales and marketers can now easily sell their products irrespective of their location and business foundation units through the use of HubSpot


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