Sample Marketing Case Study Paper on The Northern Rush

The Northern Rush

Northern Rush is a conglomerate of James (a lecturer) and the third-year students. Northern Rush is expected to supply starter kits for the freshman in colleges and universities in Canada. The starter kit was to come in three packages: the Works, Deluxe and the Essentials. The Works composed of a set of bedroom, bathroom, organization, a few electronics and kitchen components. The Deluxe package came with bedroom, bathroom, organization and a few electronic components while the Essentials package was composed of bedroom and bathroom components. The Essentials package was priced at $170, the Deluxe package at $220 and the Works package at $325. A standard shipping fee of $25 was set for all the packages for international orders. Main competitors for Northern Rush in the providence of starter kits to students included international firms like DormItUp and DormCo and the local firms like Dorm Essentials and Residence Linen.

            In this case study, three critical issues emerge that should be addressed for the success of the venture. These key issues include:

  1. Profitability of the venture
  2. Benefits and challenges of working with third-year students
  3. Marketing strategies to be employed

The home-furnishing industry at large has been on turmoil since the financial recession of 2008. There have been shaky trends especially in the US, but the Canadian market is set on recovery. The Northern Rush will focus mainly on the Canadian market (its primary market). Canada has about 90 universities and at least 190 colleges that have annual intake. During every intake, students have to acquire home-furnishing equipment like bed linens, curtains and bathroom towels. These provide a large market for the Northern Rush which consisted of the Students, parents and general public. The number of residence students in Western University (about 5,500 from the 22,800 students admitted) and that in Fanshawe College (about 1,600 resident students) depict the potential customer base for the Northern Rush in providence of starter kits. The average amount spent by each customer group depict the mean benchmark for the Northern Rush prices (considering the inclusion of discount sales offered by its competitors). The projected sales of Northern Rush (between 100-200 packages) depict the amount of expected revenue in the first years of establishment. The 25% growth in sales are expected in the second year and 20% growth in the third year. This can evaluate the amount and period required by Northern Rush to break-even. With this expected growth and the number of students’ admission, Northern Rush has a high profitability.

Inclusion of right marketing strategies will warrant success of Northern Rush. Considering that the students are the main market category, easier tactics to ensure wide presence among them include use of online platforms like Google and Facebook. Online orders are popular among university and college students. The advertising costs are liable to the method used (cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand method). The efficient method for Northern Rush would be the cost-per-thousand method (costing $10.99 for every 1000 impressions) with the Google platform. This would allow the students find Northern Rush based on the popular words for home-furnishing equipment. Online advertising and ordering platform would be recommended for Northern Rush as it would improve customer convenience and better online platform provide good customer experience. This can work as an advertising tool in its own sense.    

Partnering with the third-year students would be ideal option as the students bring a load of the students’ perspective and experience of the starter kits. The third-year students can network with the admitted students and even sell the kits through sales representatives. James (the lecturer) will offer guidance on key business perspectives and the appropriate strategies to be employed in management of Northern Rush.