Sample Management Research Paper on Principles of Inquiry and Evidence Based Practice in Health and Social Car

Aim of the Unit

The aim of the unit is to introduce students to the debates regarding approaches to enquiry and knowledge production, and to demonstrate how different philosophical assumptions shape the research process and claims to knowledge. Research is increasingly regarded as essential for practitioners in health and social care professions as a source of evidence to support practice.  There is a policy drive to develop the idea of health and social care professions as research-based professions. Furthermore, practitioners need to develop the skills to research their own practice in order to critically evaluate the work of others and make judgements about the credibility and
applicability in their own practice context. Similarly, practice/service development is emerging as a as discipline which actively seeks to improve services for clients and patients and which values practice as an important source of scholarship. However, a culture of enquiry can only be fostered through practitioners who have an understanding of the philosophical, epistemological and methodological debates surrounding research and practice development, and other processes of enquiry.


Intended Learning Outcomes being assessed:
Having completed this Unit the student is expected to demonstrate:
1. Critical analysis of traditional and evolving research paradigms in relation to knowledge
production and practice.
2. Provide a rationale for a variety of methodological approaches drawing on the philosophies of
3. Critical assessment of research carried out by others and evaluation of its usefulness for their

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
Assignment Briefing Form

Programme: MSc Adult Nursing &  MSc Mental Health Nursing Level: 7

Unit Name: Principles of Enquiry and Evidence-Based Practice in Health and Social Care

Assignment Title: Literature search and research question formulation Feedback method: Written Feedback via Turnitin.
own practice.

4. An understanding that doing research always has a political dimension because there are different perspectives on what counts as knowledge and what counts as a credible enquiry For points of clarification please contact your Unit Tutor (see also your Programme