Sample Management Research Paper on Employee satisfaction and commitment at Miami Dolphins

Employee satisfaction and commitment at Miami Dolphins

Company Background

Miami Dolphins is a professional football team located in the Miami Metropolitan region in the United States. The organization competes in the NFL (National Football League) and uses the Hard Rock Stadium to stage their home games. Undeniably, Miami Dolphins is one of the oldest American football team and had made numerous playoff appearances.

Employee attitude, level of job satisfaction, involvement

Job satisfaction describes the positive feelings associated the execution of a particular task or responsibility in a work setting. In particular, job satisfaction describes the pleasurable or positive emotional reactions resulting from an individual’s job among other related experiences (Huang et al., 2016). The professional football team provides the players with numerous benefits and comprehensive support systems that have continued to influence their performances positively. Some of these benefits include competitive base salaries, signing and roster, and workout bonuses among other important benefits. Such benefits contribute to the enhanced performances of the players both in and off the field.  

Results of employee interview and survey revealed that constant feedback from the management team resulted into positive responses among the players. Additionally, the survey affirmed that organizational support was instrumental in ensuring performances and increased job satisfaction (Memphis Dolphins, 2019). Another important factor revealed from the employee survey was the recognition of the players’ level of performances. Such recognitions encouraged positive integration, focus, motivation towards the attainment of set objectives. The team’s training facilities or physical wok settings further contributes to the players’ level of satisfaction. The impressive dressing rooms, private closets, quiet areas within the Hard Rock Stadium attract more players to the professional football team (Memphis Dolphins, 2019).

Correspondingly, some players cited flexible training routines as crucial in enhancing their engagement and respective levels of productivity. However, the team manager described such levels of flexibility as a threat to the team collaboration or integration. Lastly, the players cited effective work-life balance as a crucial factor in encouraging workplace satisfaction (Huang et al., 2016). However, some players cited family-related problems among other personal issues as instrumental in their field performances. Undeniably, Miami Dolphins recognize the significance of increasing players and workers’ satisfaction in strengthening the team’s overall performances.      

Employee attitude refers to the employees’ distinctive psychological state of mind. Employee attitude may result in apathy (easily agitated individuals) or enhanced performance levels among the team members. Enhanced work satisfaction implies improved attitude towards related performances and activities. Notably, Miami Dolphins players receive massive support on and off the field from the top management. The entity has a team of professionals tasked with enhancing player engagement. The team introduces the players to wealth management and wealth creation processes to ensure their viability and improve their overall welfare (Judge et al., 2017). In essence, the football team is creating an environment that aim to sustain the players’ successes on a long-term basis.          

Job involvement refers to the processes of engaging personnel to enhance their respective levels of performance and participations particularly during decision-making processes. Enhanced employees’ engagement may result in the increased application of related knowledge and skills and improving work-related processes. Improved players’ attitudes and job satisfaction implies augment involvement in team-related issues (Judge et al., 2017). The players care more about the club and are willing to exert more effort to reach as many playoffs as possible. In conclusion, Miami Dolphins has succeeded in improving its players’ attitude, level of satisfaction, involvement over the past years. From the above illustrations, the players care about the team’s sustained performances both on and off the field.  


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