Sample Management Presentation Paper on Acquerello


Background of the Restaurants

            Acquerello Hotel serves various Italian cuisines to its customers. It is located in San Francisco and includes numerous Italian features that describe its ethnic orientation. The hotel is owned by Suzette Gresham-Tognetti and Giancarlo Paterlini. It was started twenty years ago hence the owners have acquired formidable experience of the industry. Suzette concentrates on the making of Italian dishes while Paterlini deals with wine pairings. The chief dish offered is outlined below. Traditional Neapolitan pizza is sole of the favorite cuisines that the Italian people demand for. The food is considered to be ethnic because the ingredient, procedure and serving denote traditional behaviors and system put in place by the Italian.

Important Consideration of Authenticity

            Customers who visit the place believe that Acquerello offers traditional Italian food. Thus, it is a method through which the entity gets credit for its services. Consideration of such authenticity helps an institution thrive while attracting clients from the target audience. The cuisine is served together with lilac an action that depicts Italian civilization. The ingredients are sourced locally and they include tomato, baking floor cheese and toppings. Though, the type of banquet made from the wheat varies with enriching setting and community lifestyle. The Italian restaurant is equipped with furniture’s and serving items that are curved with images of Italian custom. The contrast inside the restaurant clearly shows the traditions and customs of Italian people[1].


            To show the ethnic characteristics, the management of the hotel ensures that the outlook and food served offer cultural experiences. Authentic experiences include lodge arrangement and food served. In regards to structure, the hotel is built with enough space for visitors to enjoy and spend time relaxing. The Neapolitan tradition provides an extensive variety of foodstuffs that are made from wheat. Pizzas appear in a wide range and are prepared by baking flour that is assorted with hose along with vegetables such as tomatoes and greens. The mechanisms present the ultimate merchandise its savor and color. Thus, Cracknell and Nobis states that client will order in regards to these features[2].

Definition of Authenticity to the Restaurants

            Acquerello beings in the industry for more than 20 years depicts that it is an Italian hotel. This is a reality hence clients who visit entity are looking forwards to have a taste of and experience Italian culture. It has several programs destined at rendering customized services to clients who visit the entity. These programs include the wine and kitchen plan where food is served in regards to client’s request. Italian populace love sharing meals in a calm and homely consign. The business has rendered a serene environment for clients to enjoy their repasts and spend time comfortably. OpenTable, Inc found out that the chair is made of expensive woods hence gives a sense of value to those who sit and spend time in such a place[3]. This is the same case with the decoration of the restaurant which must meet the features of a luxurious hotel where families can share a meal together. For those families that have moved to the United States and live there, visiting the hotel refreshes their memories and rekindles their cultural behaviors as well as traditions.

Classification of Authenticity

            This company is categorised as objective genuineness owing to its originality. The mauve doled out is a compilation and brand urbanized by the co-owners. Cuisines on the other side are also customized since they are developed according to the ideas and demands of clients. Aquarelle’s has been on the vanguard in offering lodging services that convene individual’s wants. One of the things that must be present in all services offered to Italian is comfort as seen by Farha Ternikar [4]. These are a number of gorgeous features that Italian public look for when they visit restaurants. The rooms are sufficient to host families while the furniture’s inside like the cradle and seats are prepared of expensive wood. It has been selected amongst the top one hundred best hotels in the world for its service delivery as denoted by Marc Vetri and David [5].

How we can deliver Authentic Experience

            It can be rendered through interaction between two cultures by integrating the Italian culture to the American culture. This will require modification of the hotel outlook and insertion of supplementary American desert on the menu.

In a Restaurant Setting

            Authenticity in attained through the arrangement and setting of furniture’s and food served. The setting clearly demonstrates cultural outlook and background of the projected listeners.

How to Deliver Authentic Experiences in the Restaurants

            The atmospherics within a restaurant assist in delivery of authenticity. Employees grooming and behaviours are input components into authenticity. Through workers’ behaviours and service mode, clients derive originality from service rendered.


            The hotel has applied a range of strategies so that they can capture the wider market where they operate in. This has seen an increase in consumer foundation for the corporation. Competition also presents another challenge that should be tacked by the entity. The reason behind this is that I will not be able to take money. For an extensive epoch, the corporation has been service only clients coming from Italy. However, with time the owner realized that they restricted their trade from expanding.


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