Sample Management Paper on the impact of Slack Resources and Resource Abundance on attaining Competitive Advantage&attaining

1- Kindly read the provided guidelines (1 and 1.1 and 2.) to be strictly followed.

2- The main paper for RPSEL is attached + the important resource articles.

3- as mentioned in the guidelines the systematic literature review must be conducted by only using the 10 mentioned leading journals:-
– Academy of Management Journal (ISSN: 1948-0989)
– Journal of Management (ISSN: 1557-1211)
– Administrative Science Quarterly (ISSN: 1930-3815)
– Journal of Management Studies (ISSN: 1467-6486)
– Strategic Management Journal (ISSN: 1097-0266)
– Organization Science (ISSN: 1526-5455)
– Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (ISSN: 1932-443X)
– Global Strategy Journal (ISSN: 2042-5805)
– Long Range Planning (ISSN: 1873-1872)
– Strategic Organization (ISSN: 1741-315X).

4- as instructed by Dr., in case of use of qualitative data such as interview, a record of the interview should be provided “not possible to do” so instead focus on quantitative data about 30-40 respondent and make it look like it has been gathered in the United Arab Emirates “UAE” to make it looks like eligible data.

5- There is no option while ordering to add tables so I choose charts, make a good mix of charts and tables based on what you think the best.

6- for any clarification please send me a message.
7- No plagiarism allowed.
8- The grading rubric available in the guidelines, the LO’s attached.

9- Choose a topic of your own “better to make it within UAE”, as mentioned in the guidelines the objective of this reaction paper is to study the impact of Slack Resources and Resource Abundance on attaining Competitive Advantage and improving Firm Performance

10- the assessment is for Managing strategy course.