Sample Management Paper on Request for Implementation of Cloud-Based Video Conferencing


TO: Supervisor

FROM: Director

DATE: June 15, 2018

SUBJECT: Request for Implementation of Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

            As a department that is primarily reliant on collaborative teams who work primarily from their remote locations, video conferencing has played a major part in our overall success and that of the organization by extension. With our team members comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds including expatriates working from the company’s three overseas divisions, video conferencing video conferencing has enabled us communicate effectively with all team members while also receive real time updates from members and bond in process too.

            However, the current video conferencing system is comprised of financially intensive practices and components and routines that significantly eat into our departmental and overall organizational budget. First, the infrastructure used to facilitate such vital conferences is expensive to purchase and maintain. Additionally, the current video conferencing infrastructure and routine require information staff to set up, manage and monitor even during conferences. During our conferences, it is not uncommon to see IT staff on standby in our conference room to rectify any glitches. Such glitches are not uncommon too since the video conference infrastructure are facilities are shared by virtually all the departments. Moreover, we have occasionally cancelled or pushed forward some of our video conferences with our teams because the facilities were being used by other teams.

            It is due to these operational challenges and inefficiencies that we experience with the current video conference infrastructure and setup that I recommend that we implement a cloud-based video conferencing system. A relatively novel idea, cloud-based video conferencing comes with numerous benefits that will our department reduce its operational cost and let such reduction trickle down to the overall organization as increased profits. First, the new technology does not require the use IT infrastructure. It uses the existing cloud computing system that the organization had implemented a few years ago all across its divisions and departments. Moreover, cloud-based video conferencing can also be used on mobile phones as we have seen on several occasions that members of our various teams have sent updates and reports including emails through cloud computing from their remote locations using their mobile phones. In addition, cloud-based video conferencing does not require the input of IT staff to manage (Burdine n.pag). With all the company’s employees having received cloud computing training, the IT staff will only facilitate the process of setting up the technology. It is easy to manage and come with virtual rooms for chatting, text chatting and real time screen and document sharing.

            With the new technology, our department will be able to enjoy the convenience of video conferencing with all the team members without the glitches and delays we have experienced in the past. It will put us in a better position to manage the collaborative teams with have in our department and harness the benefits that comes with working diverse workforce. Most importantly, with reduced cost of operation our department will continue to hold the enviable position of being the most operationally and financially productive and profitable department within the company.

            Cloud-based video conferencing technology will ensure that we continue to spearhead change and growth of the organization. It will also ensure that ensure that the department lead the line when it comes to innovation which is the backbone of our organization. This is because our team members will communicate more effectively and collaborate better and efficiently and effectively generate new and revolutionary ideas.   

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