Sample Management Paper on Project Charter

Response #1

The writer indicates that a charter is a specific document prepared by the project manager with the help of any project team member. And that it enshrines details that help in steering to the realization of the proposed project. The details include project scope, sectional achievement, human resources required for the project, and their designated roles. During charter preparation, stakeholders’ expectations have to be reflected in the final document. Of notable concern, however, is the composition of the project team. The project team’s constitutions lack universality (Project Management Institute, 2015). The constitution of the project team for this case does not capture the relevant technocrats to actuate the said construction project.  Though I tend to agree that project direction is bestowed upon the project manager the writer failed to indicate the necessity of a business case in the charter formulation.  Additionally, a project requires a charter for approval whereas the charter requires a business case for it to be approved.

Response #2

Writer 2 indicates that project formulation requires multi-sectorial input. Parties involved include the project manager, project contractor, architects, and the vote head sponsoring the project. During such forums, clarifications are made to the tune of time required for project delivery, the possible cost of the project, and design clarifications by architects. The writer underscores the importance of a charter in the project construction process, “…developing project charter occupies the majority of work processes,” (Brown, 2005). The project manager is singled out as an important figure in the charter formulation and project realization. The writer terms the project manager as the “project vision bearer.” It is therefore imperative that for any project to be undertaken, the project manager, the charter and vote-head are mandatory. The manager does not however work in isolation


  1. What are the implications of an ongoing project lacking a project charter?
  2. In the event one project manager is unavailable to complete a project that is underway, what does the new project manager rely on to steer the project to completion?


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