Sample Management Paper on International entry and global business positioning strategy

Business Case Report on Strategic Analysis of an Organization: International entry and global business positioning strategy

This assessment is expected to assess your ability on critical thinking, discipline knowledge, skills and application, ethical reasoning, problem solving, reflection, research and written communication; Critical analysis of global business strategy contexts issues and solutions (different type of global and multinational strategies). Application of global business strategy concepts, theories and models.

  • Evidence: sources of information, research and analysis of company information
  • Content, Analysis and Theory: application of relevant theories, concepts, models, and tools for decision effectiveness in strategy development and implementation
  • Synthesis and Development of Argument: linking theory, concepts and practices critically in the discussion and justification
  • Effective Written Communication

Your report will be assessed for relevant research, analytical content and logical flow of your arguments (Please see making criteria)

You are expected to use quality research materials, literature/s (theoretical/conceptual), theory/ies, theoretical model/s, and/or conceptual framework/s from academic journals/textbooks to analyse/justify your analyses/arguments. Relevance is the key to using such references, not the number of references you present in your report.



The Food Tech Valley was launched on 1 May 2021 in Dubai UAE, a partnership between the Ministry of Food and Water Security and Wasl Properties to explore urban planning of future smart and food independent cities.

This initiative aims to support UAE meet its National Food Security Strategy 2051 targets and will focus on strategic projects to achieve food self-sufficiency, while ensuring sustainability and conservation of resources.

The Food Tech Valley seeks to triple the UAE’s food production and will be home to four main clusters:

–       Agricultural technology and engineering,

–       A food innovation center,

–       R&D facilities, and

–       An advanced smart food logistics hub.



  1. Choose a Multinational Company in Food/Agricultural industry dealing with products/services in one of the four main clusters viz. Agricultural technology and engineering, Food innovation centre, R&D facilities, and advanced smart food logistics hub.
  2. Prepare a country report with a broad analysis of risks involved. The analysis is to consider the key aspects of the International Business Environment including but not necessarily limited to economic prospects, culture, legal system, ethical practices, investment environment and stability.
  3. The next step is to conduct an industry level analysis assessing the industry attractiveness. In this analysis consider opportunities and threats from Suppliers, Customers, Substitutes, New entrants and importantly the intensity of rivalry and competition. Be sure to go beyond just describing the industry, to explain the implications of your findings on those contemplating to enter the industry and make investments.
  4. Based on the findings of country and industry level analysis, describe FDI considerations, objectives and opportunities. Consider FDI trends and Global Value Chains, Cost efficiencies and Supply chain risks.
  5. Develop an FDI strategy roadmap including entry-mode identification and the rationale for the same. Provide a broad implementation plan. Support your evaluations and recommendations with reference to your subject knowledge, real life examples and other relevant and reliable sources.
  6. Analyze and assess how the selected organization positions itself in the industry. Examine and justify the global business/product positioning strategy (value proposition/value creation). Emphasize on ESG Investment perspective (Environmental, Social and Governance perspectives) and commitment to ethical and responsible business practice, including how the company addresses and integrates sustainability aspects in positioning (business strategy) as a proactive approach to sustainability meeting and/or exceeding industry requirements.

In your analysis, you would use United Nations reports on Trade and Development: World Investment Report highlighting global and regional Inflow, Outflow, and Stock of FDI. Strategic analysis would include levels and drivers of internationalisation and appropriate entry modes and industry level analysis for positioning strategy. You are required to consult your lecturer on the company/organisation that you are going to use in this assessment.

Your assignment should be presented as a business report and the format should be as follows:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Content Page
  4. Introduction (Business problem, objective, and scope of the report)
  5. Methods you use to collect and analyse data and information
  6. Titles and subheadings to cover the appropriate content described in the assessment
  7. Conclusion and recommendations (conclusion and recommendations   should be drawn from the analysis, discussion, and argument in your report)
  8. References

9. Appendixes