Sample Management Paper on Graded Project

               Businesses experience unforeseen circumstances and occurrences heralded by factors primary and or secondary to the business. These situations have an impact on the image and eventually customer impression and perception of the company, their goods, and or their services. These parameters together could impact negatively the company’s performance in the market. Such eventualities include terror attacks, accidents, etc. deliberate measures should therefore be undertaken towards clearing the public image for the company to maintain solvency in the market otherwise it could be a recipe for losses, retrenchment, and final collapse of the company.



Torgersen Clothing’s company management should begin by denying the occurrence of the purported leakage of chemical compounds into the Samae River. This should be done by the company spoke person or press service if one exists. Total deniability to the company means no penalties by the affiliate bodies entrusted with monitoring violation of environmental sanctity. Denial will buy the company some time as they undertake internal investigation protocols to establish the validity of the accusations. If the infringements occurred in an actual sense, the Tokeran Clothing would have a wide enough window to remedy the leakage into the river. Concession of responsibility of pollution of the river on the other hand would point to guilt at being exposed. This would only succeed at attracting stringent penalties, as the requisite environmental management bodies would pre-suppose that it has been an act that has been practiced and abated for a period of time. Care should be taken for non-admission of liability by management.

Attack the accuser authenticity. Deliberate and strategic action has to be taken towards discrediting the source of the information to the public. This could be in the form of: the bitterness of a former employee who’s has been let off; a con who has also used similar machinations to extort from other companies; deliberate sabotage and brand slander by our competitors etc. When dismissal of such schemes is initiated earlier and threats of legal redress are floated, many a time the quagmire dissipates. However, when undertaking such an endeavor caution has to be exercised especially in cases where the accuser has full proof.  The company should also deny any intentions of possible involvement in pollution of the river.  Indicate wastes recycling and disposal protocols of the company, storage of production inputs including chemical agents, raw materials etc.

In doing this the manufacturer will be able distance itself from any intentions and or any malicious inclinations associated with dumping and chemical leakage into the river.

Ingratiation The Company should initiate procedures geared towards showing its resolve in ensuring environmental conservation. Such initiatives could include; organizing a social run towards conservation of the river; organize river rehabilitation and cleanup drives. Such cleanup exercises should receive adequate media attention to paint a fairer public outlook to the community and government. The company could also establish a trust fund Kitty for the river, which would offer scholarships to the community that will guarantee progressive healing of the company image and stir its acceptability to the public.

Corrective action. The company should ensure that systemic issues are solved. The leakage should be mended. Employees whose complacency led to the leak should be held responsible and relevant action taken including termination and caution. The company should also ensure compliance with the required operational standards.  This can be achieved by inviting independent external auditors to audit the internal functions of the company. Any irregularities raised by these groups should be addressed expeditiously. The regulators should then be invited for a formality check just to corroborate the company’s stance on compliance. During the regulators’ visitation the company management should ensure the presence of media coverage. This is instrumental in ensuring that this positive company information reaches the target audience. When handling public outcry some measures have to be ensured: company management has to ensure that the official company position on the issue is communicated; a single individual should make the communication which could be the company spokesperson or CEO depending on the severity of the situation. Other departments should be set up to monitor the impact of the accusation on the clients and consumers.

Above all the above reactions, offer an apology to the clients for the anxiety caused by the allegations leveled against the company. Reiterate the company’s commitment in ensuring environmental best practice as enshrined on the company’s vision, mission and or policy statement etc. Such communication should be done by the company CEO and needs to be made when pressure has eased. This inspires client confidence in the company’s resolve.

Follow up audiences

Hispanics. The company should target the women folk as they wield most influence in the society. Production of culture sensitive clothes that suit the needs or each cultural group. To target this group effectively the company should resolve to use advertisements and other informal advertisement materials like brochures in Spanish. They should also try using Spanish channels to reach out to this group.

Teenagers: To attract teenagers the company has to ensure that its production line is in tandem with the current trends in the clothing industry. Teenagers are a choosy lot and will readily shun anything that seems old fashioned.

Teenagers are social media addicts. Reaching out to teenagers using conventional marketing strategy could prove futile. Therefore online marketing and hinging on referral would be an invaluable in targeting this social group.

Women: social media. Women tend to use social media more than men. They are followers of the changing trends in fashion, lifestyle etc. Consistent brand communication via social media could win their loyalty to the brand.

            Using mommy bloggers. These are respected social writers who highlight different topics revolving around things that affect women from day to day. Through these platforms, the blogger could add impetus to the product. It could also increase the market share for the product, as women are fervent consumers of gods and products. They are also known to be brand loyal.

Organize visitations in the home for the senior citizens. Carry gift bags for them. Engage them in activities including limited stress stretching exercises. Donations to the tune of regalia manufactured by Torkersen Clothing Company. This endeavor would leave an indelible mark and inspire their confidence in the company. They could also act, sub-consciously as brand ambassadors. Television and newspaper advertisements would readily reach these audiences as they are ardent readers and tend to watch television more than other generations.

The disability community: offering job quotas for persons with disabilities. This way the company would receive multi sectorial recognition in its efforts of inclusivity and equality. Through organizing state disability forums, the company will be able to sample input procedures to be employed to ensure production is custom made to also include needs of persons of disability. Adjustments made could include: custom-made glove, trousers, dresses etc. to suit persons with disability.


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