Sample Management Paper on Effective Leadership

The United States has since independence had different presidents that have displayed varying leadership skills that have had a distinct impact on the country. Among all these individuals, I consider Abraham Lincoln the strongest among them due to his extensive contribution in stabilizing the country particularly during the civil war experienced between southern and northern states. Additionally, he helped in stopping slave trade in the nation, empowering the poor and assisted in organizing the monetary system of the country. On the other hand, I consider the current president, Donald Trump due to his inability to unite the nation or enhance a proper relationship with neighbors including Mexico. Moreover, he lacks effective leadership skills including proper communication, problem solving and patience that are essential in improving both local and international growth of the United States.

Lastly, I consider James Buchanan as the mediocre president of the U.S. since, during his reign, the country experienced great division over the issue of slavery, but he took no step to bring peace between the different states. He also interfered with the working of other government agencies such as the Supreme Court during the Dred Scott case. Thus he lacked any trait of a leader but instead helped in creating a rift between states and American citizens.

Attributes and Traits

Abraham Lincoln had some of the most desirable leadership traits among the presidents of the United States. Some of his abilities include good communication and listening skills, problem-solving expertise and he also displayed a lot of confidence in his work. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has different skills including confidence, vision, and the drive to achieve. However, he lacked some of the essentials including proper listening, problem solving and collaboration. James Buchanan did not display any proper leadership skills throughout his term as the president but instead enhanced division, corruption, and violation of human rights.

Differentiating Attributes

Some of the characteristics that differentiate the three leaders are good communication and problem-solving abilities. Abraham Lincoln concentrated on uniting America and bringing peace to the different regions. To achieve this, he engaged leaders of the conflicting parties and applied appropriate conflict resolution expertise to accomplish these objectives. These aspects could not be seen in the administration of both Donald Trump and James Buchanan who have in different ways helped in creating animosity within and outside the borders of the United States.

Factors Promoting these Traits

Both political and economic reasons contributed most of the leadership abilities and limitations displayed by the three leaders. For instance, Abraham Lincoln and James Buchanan skills were illuminated by the slave trade while Donald Trump’s expertise is displayed on his stand on economic empowerment of the U.S.

Style, Quality, Effectiveness

 I believe that two of the above leaders, James Buchanan and Donald trump leadership would have been different considering the leadership positions they had help in the past. They had the understanding of how to solve problems and the approaches to employ to ensure success.

Particular Traits

Some of the exceptional characteristics displayed by the best leader, Abraham Lincoln, include problem-solving and excellent communication skills

Advice about Leadership

The contenders of the next primaries should understand that Leadership rest on your ability to understand your subjects and to direct them to success. One must have proper vision, goals, focus, honesty, and integrity. Personal achievements cannot quantify leadership but the contribution one has in developing a thriving community and to achieve this an individual must be ready to include others in all aspects of the leadership.

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